Spiderman Nail Art Tutorial

Spiderman Nail Art Tutorial

In this Spiderman nail art tutorial video I show you my own take on Spiderman nail art. You can see my other nail art videos here. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 has just been released so I decided to recreate this theme on my nails with the iconic colours and graphics. There are many designs but this tutorial uses modern looks and water marbling nails to create the effect.

Spiderman Nail Art Tutorial

This is a more complex design than some of the other tutorials I have made and will take quite a bit of time, but the results are pretty cool and worth the wait if you are a Spiderman fan like me. The Spiderman nail art tutorial shows you each step of the process I took to creating these nails so should be easily recreated.

Spiderman Nail Art Tutorial

I would really recommend getting a good nail art pen for creating nail designs, I use the Barry M Nail Art Pen Black as it draws just like a pen. It doesn’t feel like you are using nail polish but feels more like using a felt tip pen so you have a lot of control. You can achieve quite fine and accurate results, it gives a solid colour and it lasts a long time. It isn’t the narrowest of nibs but is one the best nail art pens that I have found.

Products used in the video –

Sally Hansen New Lengths Nail Colour 13ml French White Tip
General Purpose Masking Tape Roll
Barry M Nail Art Pen Black
Cocktail Sticks
Sally Hansen – Hard As Nails – Cardinal 55
Clear Plastic cups
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish #340 Marine Blue
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro Nail Polish Black Satin

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  1. kitty kaos
    2014/04/20 / 21:55

    Oh wow these are immense you are super talented x

  2. 2014/04/20 / 21:55

    This looks fricking amazing, I’ve never really gotten the hang of water marble nails! I still haven’t seen the amazing Spider-Man 2 yet, but I’m hoping to see it soon!

  3. emilie neess
    2014/04/20 / 21:56

    These are super amazing! I love all the spiderman movies and comics, these are just so creative! i must try them at some point!

  4. lulu
    2014/04/21 / 01:11

    Awesome nail art <3

  5. melaniface
    2014/04/21 / 01:50

    Super creative, though I don’t have the patience for this. Im sure mine would be a disaster. lol


  6. Najmin
    2014/04/21 / 22:01

    Hey Mary

    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award! :) You can find the details of the rules on Miss Sophies blog: http://miss-sophie-beauty-lifestyle.blogspot.co.uk

    If you decide to take part please let me know, I would love to read your response! :)


  7. Jazz
    2014/04/22 / 21:09

    This is very nice, very clever as well. Will try it out soon.

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