Ciaté – Festive Nail Collection


This Ciaté mini paint palette has such a beautiful array of 8 different colours perfect for the autumn season leading to winter and Christmas. This set was originally from Fragrance Direct from a while ago but I can see it is now out of stock but it is available on eBay or keep an eye out in TK Maxx as it can be great for stocking  Ciaté at a low price. As you will know if you read this blog often is that I am a really lover of nail art and new nail polishes so I was really excited to try out this beautiful shades.


The colours included in this set are Dangerous Affair 013, Mistress 016, Power Dressing 054, Spending Spree 108, Antique Brooch 113, Heirloom 116, Looking Glass 131 and Amazing Gracie 133.  As we have come to know from this cult British nail fashion brand the Ciaté packaging and polish bottles is stunning. Each shade in the set has been really well  thought out and designed to be layered, combined and mixed to create different effects and results.


There are the powerful, bold plum, red and blue shades as well as a neutral pale pink to use on their own or as a base colour. To compliment them and give a festive look are also several metallic shades and effects. These work so well on their own or give some great effects paired with the solid colour polishes. There is so much room to play and mix and match with these polishes. There is a silver glitter, metallic gold and an iridescent bronze. My favourite polish is the Antiques Brooch 113 as it layers different glitter pieces to give a foil, party nail effect.


Products included in the post –

Ciaté Mini Paint Palette Manicure Set 8 x 5ml


Have you tried Ciaté before? Which is your favourite Ciaté shade?



  1. Eilidh
    2014/11/02 / 19:32

    ah all of the colours are so lovely! I have never actually tried a ciate nail polish but I definitely plan to:)

    Eilidh from Velvet-Winter

  2. Alysa
    2014/11/02 / 23:24

    lovely pics, never tried this nail polishes but the colors are very nice

  3. John Hartil
    2014/11/03 / 11:26

    Nice collection ~ ideal present!

  4. 2014/11/03 / 17:29

    I’ve never heard of Ciate, but the shades look really nice and worth a try.

  5. 2014/11/03 / 18:00

    This little set includes such lovely polishes xx

    Ioanna | Hearting

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