Colgate Proclinical C600 Review

Colgate Proclinical C600 ReviewColgate Proclinical C600 Review Colgate Proclinical C600 Review

Colgate Proclinical C600 Review

I was recently sent the Colgate Proclinical C600 to review. After reviewing their Colgate Max White a few weeks ago I was keen to try this and see the effect their toothbrush would have on my teeth as I had such good results from just their toothpaste.

The Colgate C600* is described as having advanced cleaning technology, by using sonic vibrations it cleans using 30,000 strokes a minute to remove plaque. It has 3 different brushing modes, the first is a sensitive side to side stroke, the second is for the gum line and uses in/out strokes and mid speed. The last is to clean your molars and that uses fast up/down strokes. It sounds very complex but its very simple to use and get used too.

The Colgate C600 three settings help to keep your gums healthy as well as cleaning deeply between your teeth and removing plaque. The toothbrush is very light-weight and slim, a very slim and modern looking electric toothbrush compared to the chunkier, bulky electric toothbrushes that originally came out. It has a 2 minute timer so you will always do your teeth for the correct amount of time. It also comes with a small handy travel case and non-slip handle.

In contrast to a manual toothbrush or the cheap electric toothbrushes the Colgate Proclinical C600 toothbrush is pretty fantastic. I have never managed to get my teeth as clean. It cleans between your teeth effectively and thoroughly. I also love the size of the toothbrush and travel container, I would happily travel with it rather than getting a fold away manual brush. Although the price of the toothbrush may feel steep, keeping your teeth in excellent condition will save a fortune in orthodontist fees long term.

Colgate Proclinical C600

Have you tried the Colgate Proclinical C600?

Colgate Proclinical C600 Review


  1. Shanice Romelus
    2014/04/02 / 20:21

    omg thats awesome! I think i might buy one :)

  2. melaniface
    2014/04/02 / 20:51

    I’ll have to ask my dentist if its okay to use electric toothbrushes with braces. I like how compact this looks compared to others I’ve looked at!


  3. Lauren Williamson
    2014/04/02 / 20:23

    I got this toothbrush at Christmas and I love it! And I managed to get it for £25… such a bargain :)

    Lauren |

      • Lauren Williamson
        2014/04/20 / 20:11

        The supermarket that I work in had received these instead of the cheaper ones by mistake. They already had the cheaper ones on offer so they deciced to put these on the same offer since they had paid the same amount for them!
        xx Lauren

  4. Imogen Stafford
    2014/04/02 / 22:33

    Looks nice!! I’m always tempted to buy expensive toothbrushes but i always struggle to justify the money!

  5. Katie
    2014/04/02 / 22:40

    I love love love toothbrushes! I get a little obsessive over my oral hygiene so this thing sounds like it’s right up my alley!


  6. 2014/04/03 / 20:25

    Very interesting. I just went to the dentist and my dental hygienist is forever trying to get me to buy an electric toothbrush (even though they said my teeth were in perfect condition). I’ll have to consider this one though. I really like that it comes with travel case.

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