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Me Me Me Cosmetics is a brand I first came across in a Glossy box a year or so ago. In the Glossy box I received their mint green nail polish and was really impressed so really looked forward to trying more of their cosmetics range.

The brand is inspired by the ancient Greeks, where women were adored! Their female team create very distinctive cosmetics that are affordable. They are based in Wiltshire and Me Me Me Cosmetics is to be seen as a ‘celebration of the free spirit found within us all’.

I love trying new brands, especially ones that can’t be bought on the highstreet as you can find some real gems that work for you. I was sent the Me Me Me Cosmetics Anglaea* and Eva* Lip Cream (lipstick), the Dark and Divine* Mascara and Beat the Blues* Iridescent Complexion Illuminator and Highlighter.

The Lipsticks were gorgeous, I can see why they call them Lip Creams! They feel like you are applying a lip balm, they contain shea butter so are really moisturising and have a creamy texture. They also smell quite sweet, I know from comments on my blog that the smell of lipstick can put people off but these smell a bit like vanilla (my boyfriend thinks they smell like cream eggs!?  :/ ) I was sent the Eva and Anglaea, both fairly natural shades. The Eva, shade 05 China Rose, is a pale pink and has a very natural colour too it. The Anglaea, shade 04 Persian Pink has a nude brown tone. Its still pinky but I love the brown tones on my complexion, and it isn’t too dark.

The Beat the Blues Iridescent Illuminator and Highlighter is like no other highlighter I have used before (I initially mistook it as a nail varnish). It doesn’t really lighten the skin but leaves a very subtle, faint, healthy shimmer with no residue. Last was the Dark and Divine Mascara. I love that is has a plastic bristle applicator brush. It is the one thing I really look for in a mascara as it removes clumps, applies the mascara more evenly and keeps the mascara a nicer consistency making applying it far easier and look a lot better!

Me Me Me Cosmetics

Have you tried Me Me Me Cosmetics?

Beat the Blues* Iridescent Complexion Illuminator and Highlighter

Eva Lip Cream

Anglaea Lip Cream

Dark and Divine Mascara