Creating A Wedding Budget: Where To Spend And Where To Save To Plan The Perfect Day

Your dream wedding is finally going to become a reality – the dress you’ve always dreamed of, the vows you’ve already written in your head, and the grande mansion wedding venue you’ve only ever seen in the movies. But in order to get there, you need to set your wedding budget, and make sure you don’t get too overexcited and start booking things without seeing the bigger picture. Don;t worry, this part isn’t all doom and gloom, but if you get this out of the way now, you can get on to the fun stuff! Here’s where we recommend you spend and the best areas to save on your wedding day.

Spend on the wedding venue

Your wedding venue is one of the most important elements of your day. It’s where the entire celebration will take place, from getting ready to saying vows to partying with friends to your first night as newly weds. So, spending a big chunk of your wedding budget on making sure the setting of your marriage is exactly how you imagined it is perfectly respectable. If you have a larger guest list, this will especially apply to you as you’ll probably find yourself needing a bigger venue to accommodate everybody, which, as you can probably guess, adds to the cost. 

Save on the stationery

If there is an easy way to save money, it’s on your wedding stationery. Paper is particularly expensive at the moment, so sending out printed invitations, RSVPs, thank you cards ect is going to cost you a lot more than you might expect, especially if you are purchasing them from a special printer with a beautiful design. There are two ways to cut costs here. The first is to design your own invitations on something like Canva and print them at home, which will automatically cut costs. Or, if you want to eliminate the cost completely, you could opt for digital invitations, which can still be beautifully designed on Canva, but they will land in your guests’ email inbox. The added benefit: no one can lose it if it; stored on their phone!

Spend on the photographer

In 10, 20, even 30 years time, the one thing you will constantly look back on to remember your day in your wedding photos. Whether they are framed around the house, displayed in a beautiful album or used as a wallpaper on your regularly used devices, you’ll always be enjoying them. So, it only makes sense to spend extra money for a brilliant photographer who understands the way you want your wedding captured. Do your research, check portfolios, and make sure you choose someone who makes you feel comfortable, both when being photographed and when you want something done differently.

Save on the decorations

If you’ve spent more on your venue, the interiors will probably speak for themselves. So, we’d recommend not spending too much on decorations. They are not the part of your wedding everyone will remember, and you’ll probably never use them again, so spending a lot of money hiring or buying these things doesn’t really make sense. Instead, why not try making some yourself? This is particularly fin if you get all your friends and family involved – you’ll probably find that between you all, you already own a lot of things that can be repurposed!


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