Cute Fashion Trends For Little Girls This Season

Cute Fashion Trends For Little Girls This Season


I can’t help but notice that children’s clothing has become so much more timeless in recent years. A wave of nostalgia has taken over the children’s fashion market in the UK, possibly due to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s decision to dress their children in very traditional outfits.
Their choice of outfitting their children with sartorial elegance in a retro-inspired wardrobe has sparked some of the cutest fashion trends for little girls in 2019: A return to classicism!

Today, everyone is paying close attention to the wardrobe choices of the most influential celebrity youngsters. Princess Charlotte of Cambridge causes a stir in the childrenswear industry every time she makes an outing. Items she is seen wearing tend to be a good indicator for what you’ll find on the fashion racks the following season.

The youngest new royals tend to opt for classic, understated designs when in the public eye – often re-wearing clothing from past generations. Their choice to repurpose vintage clothing sends a great message in a time of extreme consumerism. Not only are these signature looks appropriate for everyday wear, but they can also work for special occasions while standing the test of time.

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Spring trends this season include fanciful dresses, beachy colours, subtle earth tones and prints. These celebrity young Royals continue to set children’s fashion trends the world over. Rather than looking at the hottest styles for the upcoming season be sure to keep your eye on some of the children’s fashion trends which are here to stay. Traditional children’s clothes elegant, timeless and won’t look outdated in years to come.

Retro fabrics are of course making an appearance as these classic patterned fabrics are right on trend. They always look super cute. Update your child’s wardrobe and shop the latest Monnalisa trends with these mix-and-match classic spring staples. I am loving seeing the favourite soft hues along with stylish natural colours, sandy tones, pastels and olive green.

Of course, with the warmer months ahead girl’s clothing racks will see more dresses: covered with romantic details, lovely delicate floral prints and coordinated with plenty of knitwear. Sophisticated overall dresses and pleated skirts are spectacular for special celebrations and add a touch of wow to any outfit. Pairing these party dresses with bolero cardigans add a bit of chic, colour, warmth and texture to the look.

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Due to the massive influence that Princess Charlotte is having on girl’s fashion trends, the chic country look is still going strong. These include smock dresses, classic light florals in pastels colours, Liberty-style prints, and Peter Pan collars. Neutral shades of beige or cream will always feature when it comes to children’s formalwear as they look beautiful and sophisticated. Most importantly keeping the little ones warm is vital. In the UK our summer months still tend to stay quite cool. Quilted jackets and coats protect them from the elements and look adorable on babies and toddlers – a win-win fashion statement!

What cute fashion trends for little girls do you see coming forward this season?


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