Disaster-Proof Your Wedding

Few weddings go entirely according to plan, however it is worth taking some measures to prevent those major wedding woes. Here are just a few ways to disaster-proof your special day.

Disaster-Proof Your Wedding 3

Take out wedding insurance

Wedding insurance won’t prevent disasters taking place, but it could entitle you to compensation and allow you to reschedule your wedding if it’s unable to go ahead. Such insurance can cover you if the bride or groom is ill or if an important guests or organiser isn’t able to attend. You might also be covered if a ring or dress is damaged or lost due to no fault of your own. There are even travel/wedding insurance packages for weddings abroad that could also cover disaster caused by flight cancellations or baggage loss.  

Consider a wedding planner

Hiring a wedding planner could also be a way of preventing disaster. Wedding planners can help you to ensure that all the essentials are covered so that nothing important is forgotten. They may also be able to find last minute replacements if a photographer or DJ is unable to attend on the day. It will cost you a little extra to hire a wedding planner, although planners can often try to work within your budget.

Hire professionals, not friends

Unless your friends are professionals in the trade themselves, be careful of hiring them to take on duties at your wedding. When hiring a professional wedding photographer or a catering service, you know that the task is going to be handled competently with professional equipment. You also want you friends to be able to enjoy the day without having to worry about professional duties.

Prepare for all weathers

It’s worth considering the possibility of bad weather, especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. Hiring a marquee could offer you shelter to go inside if it’s raining or windy. It could also be worth having some backup footwear in place in case of the rain. Many wedding professionals such as photographers and caterers will be able to adapt to the weather conditions, however it’s worth still discussing this with them.

Travel to your wedding early

You don’t want to be late for your own wedding day. Some venues and organisers may be hired for certain times and overrunning may not be an option if they have other events scheduled for the day. Road congestion can be a major reason for running late, which isn’t always easy to predict. Plan to leave early so that if there is a traffic jam, you’ll still make it in time – even if the roads are clear, you can always do a few laps around the venue to prevent you getting there too early if you’re the bride.

When it comes to travelling to weddings, consider getting to the location a couple days before so that if there are flight cancellations you always have time to still get there. You can also borrow money for this short event, there are wedding loans out there like https://gadcapital.com/

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