Matching Touches for the Bride and Groom

Choosing wedding outfits for the bride and groom is one of the hardest tasks for any wedding. It’s such a personal decision. You can read all the guides, talk to your wedding planner, family and friends, but at the end of the day, it’s one of the most personal parts of your wedding. Your outfits on the day are one of the things that will stand out in your own, and your guests’ minds. Something that will be remembered long after. You only get to dress for your wedding once, and you want to get it right. You don’t want to end up unable to look at your wedding photographs because you regret your choice of outfit, always wishing you’d worn something different.

Matching Touches for the Bride and Groom 3

When it comes to matching, each couple is different. Some like to keep it simple, with a colour scheme and small details. Others like to go for an all-out matching theme. Wherever you stand on this, a few matching details in your outfits can work well. It’s another way to show togetherness and display yourselves as a team. Here are some great ways that you can add matching touches to your outfits.


Your jewellery choices are crucial. They set the tone for your whole outfit. Simple and classic, or flashy and bold? Or perhaps a combination of the two. It’s also a great way to match your partner. Obviously, the groom is unlikely to wear a tiara or dangly earrings, but your jewellery could match his cufflinks or watch. They could be from the same designer or just a similar style. This might not be obvious to anyone else, but you’ll know.


Matching shoes have become very fashionable lately and can make for a fantastic photograph. Wedding Converse are always stylish, as well as being exceptionally comfortable and looking brilliant with a suit. Under a long dress, no one would need to know unless you wanted them to. With a shorter dress, they could make a bold statement. If you prefer heels, why not both opt for the same bold colour that’s a little different and stands out.


Colour is the easiest way to match on your wedding day, and you can be as subtle or bold as you want to. The groom’s tie often matches the bridesmaid’s dresses or reception décor, but there’s no firm rule on this. More and more brides are opting not to have bridesmaids at all, or to have them wearing different dresses.

Why not get him a tie from that matches your accessories or the detailing on your dress? Of course, you don’t have to wear a white dress. Why not choose a bolder colour to make a statement, and let your grooms tie and accessories match you?


If you are looking for a more lasting way to match, a tattoo could be the answer. Consider getting matching tattoos that mean something to you, including your wedding date? This could be somewhere noticeable, or something just for you and your partner. Check out for ideas.

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