Fake Depth of Field – Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

One of the best tips I tell people who want to build a successful beauty blog is not to overlook the power a good camera can bring to a blog. Sadly some of the time this isn’t a option but if you are thinking about a upgrade check out my post on the Nikon 1 J2. One of the main issues that you get with cheaper camera’s is that you don’t get a nice looking depth of field as cheaper lenes have higher F stops (lower f stop more depth of field). In this first of many planned Adobe Photoshop tutorials,  I will show how in under 5 minutes you can make a big difference to your images with very limited knowledge of Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Before you say “Photoshop cost a lot!” –  It’s on offer at the moment from Adobe, you get both Photoshop and Lightroom for only £8.78  a month (29p a day!). At this price it’s worth getting, it is a fantastic addition to any person wanting to get into photography or looking to do those little extra touch on  photos on your blogs. I’ll try to do at least 1-2 posts a month just on Photoshop tutorials, so will be worth the investment.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

The image that we will be working with is this (feel free to download it and attempt to follow along with this tutorial). While there isn’t anything wrong with it, it could be a little improved by adding some depth of field. This is a great starter Adobe Photoshop tutorial, at its super easy to do and shows off one of the more impressive things with Photoshop!

Step 1 – Apply the Field Blur, this is a new feature in CC. It’s found in the filter tab at the top, under ‘blur’. It is one of the most powerful tools they added in creative cloud. What this blur filter does is it replicates a depth of field that you can get from a camera.

Adobe Photoshop Tutorial

Step 2 – You will see a little circle appear in the middle of the screen & the image will turn really blurry. You now need to tell the tool what part of the photo you would like in focus and what part you want to be crystal clear.


Step 3 – Drag the little circle over the part you want blurry and click the part that you want in focus with your mouse. You then tell the tool that this should be in focus by turning the circle back toward 0.


You can alter the settings and add other blur points and when your happy with it save the photo and your done. This was a super easy Photoshop tutorial, that anyone can do. Feel free to play around with this tool and let me see the results! If you have anything specific you would like me to do next time for your beauty blogger photos let me know. Lightroom or Adobe Photoshop Tutorial!

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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial


  1. Shamiyah Kelley
    2014/03/25 / 08:27

    Thanks for this tutorial. I just purchased Adobe Creative Suite and I’m still trying to get the hang of things but you really explained this in a simple and concise way. I’m loving these posts about how to be a better blogger, keep them coming!

    – BeautyandtheBayou.com

  2. Neelam
    2014/03/25 / 09:45

    I love these helpful tips, I need to improve the way my pictures look on my blog so thank you!! xx

  3. 2014/03/25 / 10:51

    Great tutorial! It’s amazing how simple that seems now that you showed us.

  4. 2014/03/25 / 10:54

    Ooh photoshop is so clever! Doing tutorials is a great idea, I’ll definitely be following along!


  5. The Grits
    2014/03/25 / 12:18

    Ahhh thank you!! I just purchased the $9.99 subscription and am still figuring this system out. It’s seems like I am doing a lot of things the hard way LOL – I appreciate this tutorial!

  6. 2014/03/25 / 12:38

    Oh my god this is awesome, I didn’t know how to do this, I actually didn’t know it could be done. I’ve been struggling all this time with my camera focus, but not any more!
    Thanks for sharing, this is really helpful!
    Have an amazing day :)


  7. Katie Gassmann
    2014/03/25 / 18:26

    Great post! I do have a little difficulty with depth of field even with my nicer camera and lense than most! I’ll be trying this out with objects and then with outfit posts later!


  8. Jo Smith
    2014/03/25 / 19:06

    I really find your tutorials helpful! I am still working out all the features on my new Nikon though…!

  9. Juliet M
    2014/03/25 / 19:20

    Thanks for this! It was so helpful! xx

  10. Marija
    2014/03/25 / 20:41

    thanks, this is very helpful :)

  11. Renee Hartwig
    2014/03/25 / 23:59

    Great idea. Never thought of that! Thanks for the follow im following back


  12. 2014/03/26 / 07:13

    Very true on the camera front, I have two DSLR’s both Nikon, but, sometimes, it’s a bit heavy and bulky, so I often, have to wear backpack so I can have my hands free and toss the camera strap around myself.

  13. xoSherleyblog
    2014/03/28 / 22:06

    I love reading about photography tips! This is great tip, thanks for sharing.

  14. Jennifer.P
    2014/03/29 / 08:38

    really useful tips, thanks for sharing :)


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