Bloghour Q&A – What are your answers?


Join Bloghour (9 – 10 pm Tuesday 25th March) and answer their questions, I would love to read some of your responses! –

Q1A > Twitter turns 8! How long until you became hooked? What do you love/hate about Twitter?

It took me a long time to get hooked on Twitter, I only really started using it when I focussed on my blogging 7 months ago. I’m on it everyday now! I love the Twitter chats, meeting new people and discovering new things easily but I hate automated direct messages and follower hungry bloggers who only tweet continuously saying follow me back. Say something interesting and I will!

Q1B > When did you send your #FirstTweet? Find and share using this tool

19th August 2013, sharing my first blog post! I was so nervous to put it out there.

Q2 > How long do you promote your blogs for?

It depends on the post, mostly over the first week of posting it.

Q3 > Where you blog most productively? Coffee shops, the office, home?

I either blog after work in the office or in bed at home. The office is probably far more productive than when I am half watching Coronation Street!

Q4 > Is it best to stick to a schedule when publishing blogs or just to blog whenever you like?

I try to blog everyday and push myself to stick to it to keep myself motivated. Some bloggers plan their blogs a week in advance and schedule them but I am not organised enough for that. I sometimes have the next 2 days posts planned out but I mostly write them on the day or the night before.

Q5 > Have you ever collaborated with other bloggers? Would you consider this?

Nope but I would love to depending on what kind of collaboration it is. I have met a lot of lovely bloggers at different meetups so it may be something we could do sometime in the future!

Q6 > What are your top ‘Search Engine Optimization’ tips?

I have been publishing my tips every Tecky Tuesday, more will be coming so please keep reading every week and let me know if there is anything you would particularly like to know!

Let me know your answers and join me for a chinwag tonight at 9 for #Bloghour


  1. Stephanie Claire
    2014/03/25 / 15:49

    I wish I wasn’t at work tonight I will have to catch up when I get home! I just wanted to say thanks for your ‘tecky Tuesday’ posts there so interesting and easy to follow, and say a hello from a fellow Yorkshire blogger! Xx

    • 2014/03/25 / 15:59

      Thanks hun, glad they are being liked! Whats your blog so I can do a bit of evening reading! xx

      • Stephanie Claire
        2014/03/25 / 16:09 xx

  2. Emily✖️
    2014/03/25 / 16:23

    Twitter turning 8 makes me feel old! Thank you for the Twitter card post!

  3. 2014/03/25 / 18:34

    I’ve been on Twiiter for more than a year and still don’t know how to use it!I can’t bring myself to love it as much as Instagram!!

  4. The Beauty Break
    2014/03/26 / 13:02

    I got twitter only for my blog and still can’t get the hang of it, I don’t think it is my thing, i’m more of an instagram or pinterest girl

    The Beauty Break

  5. Adrien
    2014/03/26 / 16:35

    I’ve never collaborated with other bloggers either, but I’ve read ‘guest posts’ and it’s such a creative way to find new followers and gain new insight on interesting topics. If you’re ever interested let me know!

  6. Thalie Can
    2014/03/29 / 05:31

    I still don’t get to connect with Twitter.

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