Doing Things Differently: Turning Your Head on Tradition on Your Big Day

Traditional weddings can be beautiful, but they’re not for everyone. If you’re really not the traditional type, why would you go down this route? Your wedding day is personal to you, until your promote it on YouTube, and so if you want to do things differently then go for it. You’re the one paying for this day and it will be one of the most special of your life, so it should be right! Whether you just want certain elements to be different, or you want the whole day to defy tradition- here are a few ideas for how you could go about it.

Doing Things Differently: Turning Your Head on Tradition on Your Big Day 3

Wedding Rings

Traditional wedding rings tend to be yellow or white gold, so if you want to do things slightly differently then how about choosing a different metal? Rose gold engagement and wedding rings can look stunning, but you can even have them made from wood or enamel these days. This is a ring you will (hopefully) be wearing for the rest of your life, choose something that suits your style. If you don’t care for white or yellow gold, why would you choose such an important piece of jewellery in this metal.

Wedding Dress

Wedding dresses tend to be white or ivory, with traditional dresses often using silk, chiffon, satin and lace. If you want to do things differently, how about choosing a different colour? A pastel or even a bright colour would look stunning. You could go with something in a more unique material or a completely different style. According to experts from to, some brides that want to keep it low-key or want to save money pick a nice high street dress as their wedding dress. You could go with a two-piece with a skirt and top or even wear a suit. Before your big day look after your skin as much as possible, healthy skin is beautiful!


Multiple tiers of sponge or fruit cake covered in white icing is what you usually expect to see at a wedding. But the cake really is a place where you can have some fun. Quirky couples in the past have gone with everything from cheesecake to real cheese, pork pie, even pizza for their wedding ‘cake’! If this is a little too out there for you, how about macarons, profiteroles or cupcakes. These can be decorated beautifully and might save you some cash compared with a traditional cake.


There’s no denying that flowers are gorgeous, but they can’t be kept after the big event and some people can see spending so much on what’s essentially a decoration as a waste. Balloons are a good alternative, big white or pearlescent helium balloons can look absolutely stunning and are far cheaper. You could even go with some plastic fish bowls on each table with a couple of colourful fish in them- just be sure that you have the energy to properly rehome them afterwards. You could grow flowers in your garden to use, have them delivered from your villa, or even pick wildflowers which will be free. Just be sure you’re not picking them from private land as this is illegal.

There are lots of cool changes you could make to your wedding that would not only save you money but reflect your personal style too.


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