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If you have been following some of my recent eBay deals posts you will know that I have been on the look out for online bargains, trying to find items that whilst being cheap are still worth the purchase.  The most successful items and best eBay deals are then featured on here.

I love kitchen gadgets and cutesy home wear products. I have loved the look of the Nessie Soup Ladle for years but as it is something I would only use once in a blue moon and probably only have out really for display I haven’t managed to justify it’s generally £13 price tag.

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Finding some copies of the Nessie Soup Ladle for 99p (with free postage) I thought I would give it a try and worst case if it arrived and was rubbish it would go in the bin. I chose the blue although it is also available in a bright pink or green.

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The colour that arrived is more of a green-turquoise than a blue (although I am not too picky on the exact shade of my Nessie Soup Ladle). Over all the quality is pretty good, the design is strong and it does it’s job of being a ladle, whilst looking adorable.

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It is a little top heavy and can fall over more easily that I imagine the real Nessie Soup Ladle do. Whilst it isn’t weighted as heavily in the base as I am assuming the real one is it still stands with ease and has been out in my kitchen since it arrived.

ebay deals

Overall I think this purchase has been a success for me, a fun and functional kitchen item for 99p and one of my better eBay deals.

Nessie Soup Ladle for 99p

Ototo Nessie Ladle

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  1. 2016/03/09 / 20:29

    This is adorable =]


  2. 2016/03/10 / 19:48

    OOO I’ve been nosying at these for years too, seriously tempted


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