eBay Deals – £1.39 Summer Sunglasses

ebay deals

Whilst summer seems far away it won’t be long until we are reaching for our shorts, sun cream and sunglasses. I love having nice sunglasses in summer but I also always have several cheap throw away pairs that I can take to places I know have a high risk of being broken or lost at. Cue looking out for some eBay deals.

ebay deals

Whilst looking online for some eBay deals I came across these pretty cool sunglasses. I thought  they looked very fashionable, unique and retro with lovely little details on the arms of the frames. They looked very similar to some far more expensive pairs I had just been looking at.ebay deals

The glasses were only £1.39 for the pair with delivery and other than black the sunglasses also came in brown, floral and leopard print which look really nice.

ebay deals

The glasses arrived very quickly from China and I love the look of them, they are a little flimsy and don’t feel like an expensive pair (because they weren’t). That being said I still think they are pretty strong for budget sunglasses, look great on and were very well described on eBay.

ebay deals

The glasses look great in person but I don’t know how much protection they give your eyes from the sun, far more a fashion piece than an eye protection essential. I love the detailing these budget sunglasses offer, the gold nose bridge connector, gold arrow hinges and cut out detail at the end of the arms.

ebay deals

Overall a fantastic eBay deals find, more unique than choosing from the selection available at Primark but still at a budget price.

ebay deals

What are your thoughts on my bargain sunglasses?

Would you wear these sunglasses?

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