Essence Makeup – Fridays Face Under £10 Makeup challenge


Essence recently got in touch about taking part in their under £10 makeup challenge. Essence are a very cheap makeup range now sold in Wilkos and I completely back them for their quality. Even though the price is low I have loved their products in the past and think they stand up compared to other drug store brands. A few of their nail art products and gel polishes haven’t worked or been very effective but their makeup range is surprisingly good.


I was sent a range of their items to create this look from their collection, no foundation was included so I have used my regular L’oreal foundation which I didn’t include in my budget. On my face I chose to wear the Stay All Day PowderSoo Blush! Cream To Powder Blush 10 and the Soo Glow! Cream To Powder Highl. 20. These cost £3.50, £2.80 and £2.80 so comes to £9.10 so I don’t think under £10 is a reasonable target. I was really impressed with both the highlighter and blush. They are described as cream to powder and were so easy to apply, worked really well and gave a nice finish.

On my eyes I am wearing Quattro Eyeshadow 05get BIG lashes vol curl mascara and Kajal Pencil 08. These cost £3, £2.30 and £1, a total of £6.30. At this point I am at a spend of £15.40, pretty over my £10 limit and that isn’t including foundation. My favourite of these items has to be the Kajal Pencil 08, a deep brown shade eye pencil that wasn’t very soft, was very long lasting and smudge proof.

I went for a statement berry lip and used Essence Lipstick Glamour Queen 31Lipliner 05 – Soft Berry and Essence Xxxl Shine Lipgloss 07 – Big Night Out. I started out by lining my lips, applying my lipstick and adding a bit of sparkle with the gloss. I really like Essence lip products, for the price you cannot go wrong. These cost £2, £1 and £1.80, coming to £4.80. In total, excluding my foundation my look came to £20.20 which is no where near my £10 challenge but is still pretty good for £20 worth of makeup.

essence essence

Essence items featured in todays post –

Stay All Day 12h Long-L. Powder 15
Soo Blush! Cream To Powder Blush 10
Soo Glow! Cream To Powder Highl. 20
Silky Touch Blush 20 – Babydoll

The Lash Curler Vol Mascara
Quattro Eyeshadow 05
Liquid Ink High Shine Eyeliner
get BIG lashes vol curl mascara
Kajal Pencil 08
Peach Beach Holographic Effect 74 – Eyeshadow

Lipstick Glamour Queen 31
Lipliner 05 – Soft Berry
Essence Xxxl Shine Lipgloss 07 – Big Night Out
Longlasting Lipstick 12 – Blush My Lips

Colour & Go Nailpolish 111 – English Rose
Effect Nails 03
Colour & Go Nail Polish 169 – A Hint of Love
Essence Studio Nails Xxl Nail Thickener

Do you think you could do the Essence under £10 makeup challenge?



  1. 2014/12/12 / 08:56

    I discovered Essence a while ago and loved it! However I’m not so big on the powder or their eyeshadows. You created a gorgeous look though! xx

    Emily ⎜ Daisy Locks

  2. Mysty Nyckel
    2014/12/12 / 17:24

    I think that makeup looks stunning on you!! I like it better than many of your posts that I’ve seen.

  3. steinhar
    2014/12/13 / 21:45

    You look so beautiful with this make up :)

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