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Manomai Face Cream

Manomi creates face creams to suit all 4 blood types as well as their subgroups positive and negative. Working in this way the face cream is meant to compliment and enhance your skin, harmonizing with your blood group. It is a light serum for your individual genotype and contains natural ingredients such as Argan oil, olive oil, Jojoba oil, Shea butter, Vitamin C in Edelweiss, Green Tea, Cherry  and Willow Bark extract and Vitamin E. Their moisturisers are free from synthetic fragrances and colours and Parabens. Since its is be cruelty free week this is a fantastic product to promote as they have no animal testing.

face cream manomai

Our products were for Type A blood. This contains the malt and tea extract protecting against the sun, anti-ageing and pollution. Cherry extract is used to tone and enrich providing natural Vitamin C. It is such an interesting concept!

Manomai Cream – $80

If you are interested in trying such a unique face cream then enter our competition, 2 people have the chance to try it out themselves! Get your blood type ready, A, B, O and AB (if you don’t know don’t worry about it) and you will be sent out one correct serum by Manomai :)

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  1. Tracey Snell
    2014/03/14 / 17:57

    Great post. And what a novel approach to marketing a face cream – by blood type. I’m not familiar with this brand but loving the ingredient list, partic green tea and vit c. As you say, both super for anti-ageing.

  2. brirue
    2014/03/14 / 19:18

    Awesome give away idea

  3. Lisa Bryony
    2014/03/14 / 19:18

    This sounds pretty weird, but interesting! It’s a really innovative idea. Great giveaway!

    Lisa xo | lisaandfox.blogspot.co.uk

  4. 2014/03/14 / 19:58

    I wonder how it works…. Interested to find out, though!

  5. Ashly Eyler
    2014/03/14 / 20:05

    I’ve never heard of a face cream that works with your blood type! This is totally fascinating and I would be curious to see how it works and the results. Great giveaway idea! Thank you!

  6. Charlotte Maria
    2014/03/14 / 22:43

    I like all the ingredients list a lot! Seems to target a range of complaints. And after all, if diets work through blood type categorisation ( and many have reported this) it could also extend to skincare ( As a lot of active ingredients can be absorbed through the skin ie you would hormones and analgesics) I would love to know more about the theories behind this! xx

  7. 2014/03/15 / 01:15

    The ingredients in this sounds so good, such an interesting product. Who doesn’t love an cruelty free product too..

  8. 2014/03/15 / 01:49

    That’s an interesting concept. I love that it has a pump.


  9. Connie
    2014/03/15 / 03:14

    Wow! This is a unique way at looking at face creams! Sounds extremely interesting!

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

  10. Hayley Sellick
    2014/03/15 / 05:28

    So interesting! I’d love to try this.

  11. John Hartil
    2014/03/15 / 10:16

    What an interesting idea

  12. 2014/03/15 / 11:12

    Very interesting! Though the price made me choke on my orange juice. I do wonder how the blood types make a difference! Interesting post indeed!

  13. 2014/03/15 / 17:05

    What an interesting concept! A totally different way of selecting a skin cream. Great post!
    Keisha xo

  14. Fiona Ramsay
    2014/03/15 / 22:00

    This stuff looks good

  15. 2014/03/16 / 08:22

    This is absolutely fascinating! I definitely must read more about it.


  16. Fiona Ramsay
    2014/03/16 / 14:35

    This looks good – love the packaging too!

  17. buchanl
    2014/03/16 / 15:09

    Looks amazing would love to try

  18. Alex
    2014/03/16 / 20:44

    This is very unusual, but also very interesting! I’ve heard of diets based on your blood type before, but never cosmetics. How is it working for you? xx

  19. Elizabete Eck
    2014/03/16 / 22:32

    It is interesting how the cream works with different blood types. I would like to try this cream ☺

  20. Sherry Proch
    2014/03/17 / 01:28

    Extremely interesting to say the least! I am a nurse and it intrigues me when science and makeup/skincare get so involved. Would love to try this out! Thank you

  21. diane fagan
    2014/03/17 / 06:15

    kinda cool.

  22. Sophie Crook
    2014/03/17 / 16:30

    This is such a cool concept!

  23. Nina
    2014/03/18 / 11:33

    Sounds interesting, I’d love to try this.

  24. staceybecker
    2014/03/18 / 20:59

    I’ve never heard of such a thing…intriguing!

  25. Genna Drennan
    2014/03/18 / 22:33

    This is actually really intriguing! xx

  26. Barbara
    2014/03/21 / 22:44

    Wow! This sounds amazing! Luckily I know my blood type :))

  27. clairdownham
    2014/03/22 / 09:38

    would love to win sounds fantastic

  28. hesnaezgi
    2014/03/22 / 16:40

    very interesting, hope to win an A type one :D

  29. Chelsea Docherty
    2014/03/22 / 18:31

    this is so interesting!


  30. JudeVFR400
    2014/03/23 / 23:08

    I’m rather skeptical but the ingredients sound good. Would give it a try at least.

  31. Kate Ray
    2014/03/23 / 23:20

    Very strange concept indeed

  32. Jess
    2014/03/24 / 02:46

    How strange! I’d love to see the science behind it!

  33. Luli Belmonte
    2014/03/25 / 10:24

    Such an amazing innovation! Would like to try it and see how it works. Cheers for blood type A :)

  34. Lauren Bayliss
    2014/03/26 / 11:30

    Love this post and would love know more about how it works and try it for myself!

  35. Meels
    2014/03/26 / 12:01

    This looks amazing!! Really want to try it xx

  36. Mel Zia
    2014/03/27 / 21:02

    this looks really nice , would love to try this :)

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