Feather Nails – Primark Feather Manicure

Feather Nails

Since beginning beauty blogging my Mum has frequently complained about what she will be able to get me as presents that I haven’t already tried yet. This year she found me something pretty unusual, a feather manicure set. I love doing my nails and nail art as you will know if you read this blog so I was very excited to try the set out.

Feather NailsFeather Nails

Feather Nails

This set is available from Primark but is also on eBay at the moment if you cannot get to Primark. Primark does have a reputation for being cheap but personally I love the shop, the clothes are well priced, their bags are amazing value and their nail and cosmetics range has really impressed me. They are my favourite place to buy patterned false nails and so far their nail polishes for me have been equal to high street brands in quality but cheaper in price.

Feather Nails

In the manicure set you receive 2 polishes, one colour and one top coat, a nail file, nails scissors, wooden cuticle pushers and a small box of feathers. The colour is a really nice, skin tone, nude, pink shade and you begin by applying 2 coats of this to each nail as you would with any manicure. I thought the feathers might look a bit much on each nail so chose to have them as an accent nail on each ring finger. To do the feather manicure you apply a top coat to your dry two layers of colour. Fairly quickly layer on your feather and cut the excess feather off roughly. When your top coat has dried neaten up the feather with nail scissors and a nail file and then finish with a final layer of top coat.

Feather Nails

In the end I didn’t think the result looked like feathers, more an intricate abstract pattern. I was a little worried my supply of feathers would run out quickly but you only use a little of each feather per nail so each feather may do 4-5 nails. They were far easier to achieve than I had expected and I will definitely be doing them again or seeing if there are any different types of feathers I can use!

Feather Nails

Have you ever done feather nails?

Are there any other unique nail art ideas that I should try out?

Feather Manicure Set

Feather Nails



  1. Kaiesha Page
    2015/01/09 / 14:59

    I like the look of this. Agree that it’s not an obvious feather but still looks really cute!

    Kay, ohkay-dohkay.com

  2. 2015/01/09 / 20:55

    They look so cool! Love that you did just one on each hand

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