First Acrylic Nails Product Review

First Acrylic Nails Product Review

For Christmas a friend took me to get my first Acrylic nails done for a wedding I’m going to on New Years Eve. I was so excited and have never been brave enough to go into a nail salon on my own before. There are so many salons about now that do gorgeous nails with little expense. I decided on a french manicure style look with white tips applied, acrylic nails and then a UV Gel top coat. Others had warned there would be pain after getting acrylic nails done but I haven’t had any, maybe as I chose to have them quite short?

I love the overall effect, they look so shiny and not fake like many do. I don’t know whether I would get acrylic nails done all the time as I have seen so many reports about what it does to your nails and nail beds and they do file down the top layer of your nail, but for special occasions they are great! Next time I may get more exciting designs or colours or may have a go doing acrylic nails myself. Let me know what you think of them and your own experiences.



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