Fun Things You Can Do In London On A Budget

London is definitely one of those cities that you have to visit at least once in your life,but as our capital city, it is also perceived as being an expensive place to visit, and so people can often choose other cities in the UK such as Edinburgh or Manchester as cheaper alternative for the staycation city break. But, London can be done on a budget and with planning and preparation you can really make the most of some of the best sights in the capital. I wanted to share with you what some of them are.

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Some of the best sights are heading to museums

Some of the best days out and can happen to be some of the most best value in terms of ticket cost can be museums, and London has plenty to keep you occupied. The Natural History museum is set to delight anyone of all ages. Even if you have a thing for transport or science, there is something to suit everyone. The art galleries are also worthy of a visit and the Tate Modern is one of the most common ones to explore. This can be a great activity for couple or families to enjoy.

Using coupons to combine sights

If you want to see all of what London has to offer then the spiralling costs of tickets for every attraction may be worrying you. But, there are now ways that you can combine the cost to keep it down. Many tickets that you can buy can be for two attractions in one go, or you can actually by. Apass ahead of time which will give you access to many different attractions off the same ticket. This can help you to see things such as Madame Tussauds, The Sea Life Center, museums and even attractions like The London Eye and Buckingham Palace for a fraction of the overall cost.

Taking advantage of cheap theatre tickets

One of the things many people love to do when visiting London is to see a show, and I don’t blame you, as the West End showcases some of the best shows around. For example, you can watch Dreamgirls at the Savoy Theatre or sit down to classics like Les Miserables. Booking ahead of time on ticket websites can also help you to find great deals on shows, and even enjoying a matinee performance rather than an evening show can bring the cost down per ticket considerably.

Enjoying Nature’s finest shows

If you are really wanting to keep the cost down then nature puts on a spectacular show first thing and in the evenings, sunsets and sunrises over the London skyline are simply beautiful. You can enjoy them from a height in places like The Shard, or simply by sitting on London’s Southbank for the perfect view of a sunset.

Take in the beauty of the Westminster Cathedral

There are many attractions in London that are free to enjoy and one in particular is Westminster Cathedral. Other churches and cathedrals in London Town may also be worthy of a look as they can really inspire you. In the cathedrals themselves you are bound to find a lot of history in terms of famous faces that are buried underneath the hand carved stone or tiles that have been laid, and some of the beautiful windows and architecture will have your mouth open in awe.

Head to Bushy Park to enjoy the country

If you find that you love a bit of the countryside, then London still has much to offer. You have Hyde Park in the centre which is normally quite popular for the odd musical concert or festival, but if you are looking for something more serene then look no further than Busky Park. This area is full of beautify but it also the perfect place to spot deer wandering around and enjoying what the park has to offer.

Visit the Olympics Park

Finally, you have the newly built Olympics Park which still to this day has millions of tourists flock there each year. The Olympics were held in London back in 2012, but the development and attractions that were built in the Olympics park are still there for everyone to see and enjoy. You could watch sports or just enjoy the surroundings. If you are heading there over the summer or into autumn and think you are a bit of an adrenaline junkie, the then the Arcelormittal orbit slide is for you.

I hope that has helped you to see that you can do London on a budget.


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