Gel Nail Varnish Review – Superdrug Nail Bar visit

Gel Nail Varnish

I was recently asked by Meadowhall to visit the Superdrug Nail Bar to try their Gel Nail Varnish treatment. I was really excited although wasn’t too sure what to expect as I haven’t much experience of visiting nail salons. I had acrylics at Christmas which I reviewed here but I wasn’t impressed with the state of my nails after. I’ve heard of the Gel nails that are similar to acrylics in that they are more like false nails but I had never really heard of or had gel nail varnish.  I did a video showing what happens when you go for gel nail varnish –

I am so impressed with my nails. I chose shade Ladybug which is a really nice bright red although there were quite a few different shades to choose from as well as glittery ones. The finish is very shiny and hard wearing but does feel a little thicker and more plastic in texture compared to regular nail varnish. I’ve had a lot of comments on my nails asking how I get my polish to look so shiny/perfect so the gel nail varnish does create quite a noticeable different. I really struggle to not chip my nails with regular polish after 2 days but this polish has now been on 5 days and still looks great!

To remove gel nail varnishes just soak your nails in acetone or add acetone nail polish remover to cotton pads then wrap the pad with foil around the ends of your fingers. Don’t peel or pick them off as this will damage your nails.

The Superdrug nail bar is at Meadowhall and I hope they bring more nail bars out in different Superdrug stores. You can get a range of treatments at the beauty stand from  getting eyebrows threaded to a fake tan.

If you are interested in trying gel nail varnish and are near Meadowhall Superdrug the treatment will be reduced on the 24th-26th of April from £15 to £10. There will be a Meadowhall Beauty Blow out that weekend that you can read more about here involving different Meadowhall beauty offers, freebies and workshops.

Have you tried Gel Nail Varnish?


  1. 2014/04/08 / 21:32

    They look lovely. I love the effect of gel nails – I always get the same shade you are wearing. They do create a noticeable difference but such a pain to get off!


  2. Kathryn
    2014/04/08 / 21:47

    These look really nice, might have to pop to Meadowhall soon!


  3. 2014/04/08 / 22:08

    I love the color and five days – Wow that’s great. I also have a difficult time keeping my nail polish looking great over five days. I was very curious about these gel nails being advertised. You certainly gave me a better understanding.

  4. Hannah Stephenson
    2014/04/08 / 22:33

    That colour red is very vivid and rich! I bet the gel really helps to give it that impact. I had a french mani done with gel once and it lasted a fortnight!

  5. Amy Barden
    2014/04/08 / 22:42

    Lovely colour! I live pretty near meadow hall so may have to pop in :) great post xx

  6. Charlotte Brown
    2014/04/08 / 22:42

    I live in Sheffield so I’ll have to go and check it out! I’ve always been wary about the gel in case it ruins my natural nails x

  7. Jade
    2014/04/08 / 22:57

    Looks like you had a great time there :) I loooove having my nails done, especially gel which last longer! That colour is gorgeous for spring too.


    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  8. tia katarina
    2014/04/09 / 00:39

    Have you had your eyebrows done at one of the Beauty Bars too? Want to try it, but have heard mixed reviews! Really nice post :-) XX

    • 2014/04/09 / 02:00

      I’ve had them threaded and waxed but not at the Superdrug Beauty Bars, wouldnt like to be on display for it! xx

  9. Jessica Walsh
    2014/04/09 / 05:14

    I love the colour. Your nails look amazing!

  10. 2014/04/09 / 13:30

    Would you believe me if I had said that I’ve never heard about gel nail varnishes until earlier this year. Beauty blogging has opened up a world of mystery! Lol. Great post and the color is gorgeous. x

  11. Stevie Blackburn
    2014/04/09 / 20:02

    Such a nice colour to choose! Its a good idea from Superdrug!


  12. Amanda
    2014/04/12 / 16:52

    looks pretty cool!

  13. Susan
    2016/03/22 / 09:14

    Great,Its looks pretty. Why not sauce up your nails in some crazy colors. While opting for these shades, the shellac manicure and pedicure is the best choice as it is durable and come with a clean finish.

  14. 2024/03/14 / 11:24

    this red color is so vibrant and eye catching i would like to have medium or dark shade of red

  15. shahid iqbal
    2024/04/09 / 18:42

    I can’t thank this product enough for its transformative effects on my wife’s dull complexion Nail. It’s like a burst of radiance that illuminates my Nail skin. click here to see the magic for yourself!

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