Getting Your Campervan Ready for Summer Adventures

Before heading out on your summer adventures, you need to make sure your campervan is in good shape and ready for the miles ahead. There are a variety of different things to consider, ensuring your campervan is going to be working to its full potential, as well as helping to avoid any potential issues further down the line. With this in mind, here are a selection of key things to do to get your campervan ready for summer.

Getting Your Campervan Ready for Summer Adventures

Exterior Checks

Throughout the winter time, your campervan will experience some heavy weather conditions, which can result in damage or other issues to the exterior. It doesn’t matter whether you keep your campervan on the driveway or in the garage, it can still experience some issues to the bodywork etc, so it’s always important to check it over before heading out again. The most common issues include moss, mildew and mould, as these are prone to gathering on the roof and around the window frames. It doesn’t matter how old or new your campervan is, you’re still going to experience these unwanted issues, so remember to do a thorough check before use. You should also check to ensure your VW T5 camper is free of any scratches or broken areas, such as chipped corners, broken windows or cracks in the paint. If you do find there are any problems like this, it’s best to take your campervan to the local garage to have these problems sorted.

Leaks or Damp

Just like your home, your campervan can experience damp or suffer from leaks. You don’t want to travel in a vehicle that has damp areas, as this can affect your health and could result in you feeling unwell on your travels. Check all areas of your campervan for any damp, as well as leaks, so that these can be sorted before you go if needed. You may also want to check the water works are in good condition and working properly, as there’s nothing worse than having no fresh water in the camper!

Getting Your Campervan Ready for Summer Adventures

Lights and Oil

Another very important thing to check before you go anywhere in your camper is that the lights are working. There have been so many occasions where someone has gone to use their camper and been oblivious to the fact that they have a light out, which is only going to result in more issues further down the line. Check all lights on the exterior and interior of your camper and stock up on some spare bulbs to be on the safe side. You should also double check the oil too, as after a few months of sitting still you may find that the oil is in need of a top up.

Tyre Pressures

Find out the exact pressure your tyres need to be on, as this will help when it comes to checking them. It’s important to check your tyre pressures, not only for safety reasons, but also because after a long period of sitting still, your tyres can become flat and driving on them like this can become an expensive issue. Many people don’t realise that the tyres are low until it’s too late, so this is a very beneficial thing to check beforehand.

Getting Your Campervan Ready for Summer Adventures

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