Gravity Defying Cake – How To Make Video

It was my Dads birthday on Thursday and I have seen optical illusion cakes in the past but wanted to create my own take on it for him, using Mars Mix pieces as Mars Bars are his favourite. I created a short and sweet video showing you how to make a gravity defying cake.

I really hope you enjoy my video, I spent a fair amount of time putting this together so please let me know what you think of my editing! I recently reached 1.6k (woop, woop!) and for those of you who have subscribed please give the video a thumbs up. If you are new then please subscribe.

Gravity Defying Cake

It is quite an easy process and for me it was made to feed quite a lot of people so it was quite a big cake. If you are making a cake the same size as me then other than the ingredients to make chocolate butter icing you also need a bar cooking chocolate, 4 bags of Mars Mix chocolates and 3 box’s of Cadbury fingers. For decoration I used a mix of white chocolate, milk and fabulous praline fingers on the outside.

Gravity Defying CakeGravity Defying Cake

Whilst building up the tower make sure to leave some time in between each Mars Mix so that the chocolate can start to set and keep strong and in place. It isn’t the tallest of towers that I have seen compared to other people’s gravity defying cake’s but I do think it looks the most natural and down look like a bag of sweets being poured onto a cake.

Gravity Defying Cake

My Dad loved the cake and was pretty impressed with the decorations. I hope you enjoy the video and seeing how I put the cake together. If you have a go at making this then please send me your results!

Gravity Defying Cake



  1. Neelam
    2015/05/09 / 20:41

    Oh wow, I love it! It seems pretty easy to recreate too! Looks so effective :’) great post!

    Neelam //

  2. 2015/05/10 / 00:50

    Oooo wow go you =] this looks fit haha

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