Great Ideas For Hen Party Activities

 Every hen party is built differently – just like every bride-to-be. Here are some great ideas for hen party activities. Ultimately, being with your friends before your wedding day is the most important aspect of any hen party. 

Life Drawing 

A casual life drawing class is a fun way of spending the day of your hen party. There are plenty of class convening groups out there that specialise in super casual hen-orientated events. You don’t need to be a great artist to enjoy life drawing – it is about the process, not the end result! 

Mackerel Fishing 

For hens that don’t mind getting a bit dirty, offshore mackerel fishing may be in order. Most seaside cities in the UK house charter fishing companies. Skippers take you out onto the waves and find spots where you are almost guaranteed to catch a brace of delicious fish. A barbecue on the beach with your fresh fish is essential. Nothing beats watching the sun go down while cooking fish straight from the ocean with your friends. Towns like Brighton have great charter boat services and incredible nightlife. 


A night at the burlesque is great for inciting raucous fun. You don’t need to travel to Paris in order to take in a great burlesque show. Proud cabaret clubs in London and Brighton regularly put on amazing shows. Burlesque has recently seen a huge upsurge in participation – less as an objectifying activity and more as a participatory expressive art form. If you want to take part yourself, you can book a beginner’s burlesque dancing class for you and your friends. 

Wild Swimming 

Step off the beaten path for your hen party with a trip to a great wild swimming spot. Nothing brings friends together more than a dip in the cool clear waters of a rushing stream or great lake. There are some absolutely amazing wild swimming spots in the UK. Take a trip to Lumb Falls in the Calder Valley. Once you have finished your swim, you can head to some of the trendy bars and pubs in the town of Hebden Bridge or take the train into Manchester. 

Alternatively, you can head into the Lee Valley near London for some surprisingly idyllic swimming. Bring a bottle or two of wine and some good food, and you have yourself an exquisite day of freedom with the girls. 

Cocktail Making Class 

This list is lacking on the refreshment side of things. Hen parties and alcoholic beverage consumption go together like chicken and chips. Despite this, it is best to avoid an absolute mess of an evening unless you are willing to suffer the consequences. Instead of hitting the pub, why not take a cocktail making masterclass? Making a good cocktail is a fine art and a delicate science. An experienced mixologist guiding you through the steps needed is essential. Making a selection of delicious cocktails with your friends can be an immensely fun experience – especially as you drink the fruits of your labour. 


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