How to save money on celebrations

You can’t follow the news these days without hearing about the cost-of-living crisis. Record-setting inflation has caused many of us to cut back on discretionary spending and, sadly, many essentials. One area where people are thinking about making savings is celebrations. Family events, like weddings, birthdays, and graduations are important landmarks which we all enjoy marking. Sometimes they can be expensive, but, with a bit of effort, you can save money without compromising. Here are three things to look at:

Get outside

The unpredictable British weather means that some events are best kept indoors. But, with covid and safety still a priority, outdoor events make more sense than ever. This is especially true as we move into summer when gardens and public parks become practical venue alternatives. Summer’s short: get out and enjoy it while it lasts!

Using your own, or public, outdoor space has another benefit: it’s free (or very cheap) to host more people for celebrations. This means that, for most events, you don’t need to spend extra to hire a venue, pay for required food or drink, cover transportation costs, and other things.

But, hosting a party outside does not have to feel like you’re cutting corners. Provided the weather co-operates, many people prefer being outside. And it’s fun to take photos and videos for use in their social media accounts. To get that perfect Tik Tok or Instagram moment, think about fireworks. They are a great, and often inexpensive, way to impress. Expert companies (like fireworks for sale Kent) can help you design an eye-catching display on a budget while making sure your family and friends are safe. For example, depending on your needs, you might consider cost-effective “compound” fireworks which put multiple fireworks into one easy-to-use box. This means that you can light once, step back, and enjoy.

Share the cost

Some celebrations, like school proms and graduations, have become increasingly expensive over recent years. These relatively new events show the impact of American culture, complete with limousines, ball gowns and suits, and expensive dinners. With a bit of effort, some of these costs can be reduced. Look into sharing transportation costs with others. And outfits, which might only get worn once, can be shared between families or friends or rented instead of bought.

Do it yourself

With a bit of effort, things like flowers, food and drink, and decorations can be done yourself. Youtube is a goldmine of creative resources showing you how to do everything from setting the perfect table to making a spectacular birthday cake.

Sharing these tasks with family and friends can be a fun bonding event too. It can make people, especially older relatives, more invested in the event and help them feel part of things. And, as a bonus, everyone gets more quality time together.

Celebrations are a fun, and fabulous, part of daily life. And, with a bit of thought and effort, they don’t have to break the bank.


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