“Growing” With The Times: The Lifestyle Habits For Perfect Hair

We can always stand to improve a few lifestyle habits to make ourselves a little bit happier on the inside, but what about those things we should improve on so it benefits our appearance? We are all after the perfect smile, a miniature waistline, and the best looking hair we can possibly achieve. But, while a lot of us look for the quick fix when it comes to perfect, luxurious, long flowing hair, our lifestyle has a lot to do with it. So if you look at your hair and it’s dry, damaged, but you’ve done everything you can to fix it, maybe it’s time to fix your lifestyle instead? Here are some things to change.

"Growing" With The Times: The Lifestyle Habits For Perfect Hair 3

Give Up Smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for us on the inside, but cigarette smoke causes major damage to the hair follicles. As a result, these follicles shrink, and cannot produce healthy hair. This means that you have the potential, if your hair is extremely brittle, to lose it. Remember, smoke reduces blood flow, and as a result, this means your follicles aren’t getting what they need, and so, grey hairs could appear earlier in life than you originally thought. The solution is to give up entirely, or if this is too difficult, swap to electronic cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes a great way to get you on the road to giving up smoking, and there are suppliers like Vivid that provides various supplies, and you can order Vivid products online. As you begin to get used to this healthier swap, you will see the benefits in your follicles, and combining this with a decent hair care routine, you should begin to notice the difference.

Eat A Lot Of Protein

Diet has a lot to do with pretty much everything inside and outside our bodies. And while protein is the building blocks of muscle, it’s also the starting point of hair. Remember, hair is protein in keratinized form. If you don’t eat enough protein to sustain your body, your hair will not get any of the benefits. To ensure that your hair is getting protein, you need to make sure your body is sustained. As hair is considered to be a non-essential tissue, the body will not send any protein to your follicles until everything else is repaired.

Get Colder

If you like hot showers because it relaxes you, it may help you feel good, but your hair is most definitely not getting the benefits. Hot water dries your hair out, but it also gets rid of colour faster. The best option is to go for a cold shower. And now, while it might not sound like a perfect start to the day, cold water has fantastic benefits for your hair, because it doesn’t wash out the essential oils. And while there are many other benefits of having cold showers, keeping those essential oils in your hair, that many hair care products get rid of, you are preserving that all-important shine.

It’s always the same information we get told about being healthy, but it’s not just beneficial for the insides of our body. By implementing these into our daily lives, we will feel supreme benefits everywhere, especially in our hair.


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