Halloween Nails – MoYou Stamping Plate

Halloween is nearly here so I thought I would create some halloween nails art using my new stamping plate from Mo You Nails. The stamping plate features a few different halloween designs including a cobweb, pumpkin, bats, ghost, Dracula fangs and lips, a cat and cauldron and the words happy Halloween and trick or treat.

Halloween Nails

As you will see in my video the stamping plates along with the special polish were very easy to use and gave very detailed results. I was really impressed with the stamping plates and the stamping set for how easy they were to use and get a good design with. The Essence nail art stampy set is very good and simple to work with, I have several different sets and some work far better than others.

A few things can go wrong with stamping, the scraper and stamper need to be good and the polish used has to be thick to be picked up by the stamper and show the colour. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive stamping set you use but some of the cheaper sets haven’t worked well for me at all. I like this Essence nail art stampy set as it is cheap but the scraper has a metal edge rather than a cheap plastic one so works well at removing excess polish.

I hope you like the video, sorry for the sound of my voice, I still have a pretty bad cough so there was a lot of editing removing my coughing fits. Please subscribe if you are new to my Youtube channel and please like and leave a lovely comment!

Products used in my Halloween Nails Video –

Mo You Halloween Nail Stamping Plate – Image Plate 207*
Essence nail art stampy set 01
Essence Colour & Go Nail Polish – Funky Pumpkin

What are your Halloween Nails this year?


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