Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners Review – Just add shoes!

Happi Feet Shoe FreshenersHappi Feet Fresheners Review Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners Review Happi Feet Shoe Fresheners Converse

Happi Feet recently sent me a sample to try, they are shoe fresheners that contain deodorisers. Since I am at the gym and running these will come in really useful to avoid any embarrassments! I was sent Casual Converse style with beach breeze fragrance but there are some girlier ones that I like the look of that smell of Japanese cherry blossom or Vanilla. 

They are great in that they won’t change the size of your shoe like fragranced insoles. You use the elastic band to make the freshener hang in your shoe. Making them hover allows for circulation and a better result. Pop them back in the bag or in a pair of slippers when you need your shoes.

You can find Happi Feet at Tesco for £2.60

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  1. 2014/02/16 / 14:46

    Omg these are awesome! I need to try them as I’ve been thinking I need to freshen up my winter boots.. Also if you dont mind me asking, where did you get those booties? They’re so cute!

    • 2014/02/16 / 16:17

      I got mine from Ark and then saw the same on Ebay cheaper a week after! Here’s the link – http://bit.ly/1gI7jo4 for them on Ebay, half the price I got them for, so annoying! xxx

  2. Claudia Verloop
    2014/02/16 / 14:56

    I need those in my life! (:

    • 2014/02/16 / 16:17

      There awesome, think I’m going to try out the Japanese cherry blossom set next x

  3. Petrina
    2014/02/16 / 17:30

    i need these for my gym and work shoes, I will have to check them out. Great review.


    • 2014/02/17 / 22:37

      thanks hun, I’ve been using them in my gym trainers and winter boots, working pretty well :) x

  4. 2014/02/16 / 17:46

    These are awesome! I’m like that it’s not a spray and that you can just pop it in your purse!

  5. 2014/02/16 / 19:18

    What an amazing idea, and they look so cute too!
    Have an amazing day!

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