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Valentines Day Nail Art

There have been so many different Valentines Day Nail Art ideas around this year and these are my nails for the big V-Day. This is my third helping of Valentines Day Nail Art ideas but I love them. This EKG design is around a lot on Valentine’s day, on cards and wrapping etc so I thought I would do it on my nails. I love my heart beat nails and think they’ve turned out really well with the black and gold.

For this design I used a Rio Black Nail Art Pen  over Maybelline Forever Strong Pro – 735 Gold All Night. I love this gold polish, it’s quite subtle and has a little shimmer making my now very short nails (post acrylics) look a little more elegant.

Any suggestions on my next nail art post?



  1. Alex
    2014/02/14 / 18:53

    Nice! I like this, very unexpected lol xx

  2. zhanna
    2014/02/14 / 19:10

    HI, ladies! out of all beauty procedures nail polishing is my favorite because here I can go crazily creative, I liked these nails a lot, very cute! Happy Valentine, <3 Zhanna,

  3. 2014/02/14 / 19:37

    These are fab! I wish I could do nail art but I really am useless. My nails are always painted with clear polish!

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:29

      Aw man, I started painting false nails and sticking them on at first, good practice :) x

  4. 2014/02/14 / 19:46

    Ahhh I love the heartbeat design. Such a good idea! Thanks for the inspiration. Danielle x

  5. Pamela Ramirez
    2014/02/14 / 20:51

    Very nice! how did you make the heart design?
    Pam xx

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:32

      Used the rio pens, started with the staight lines across then drew from the point of the heart to the edge of the straight line to connect them and repeated on the other side x

  6. Alice May
    2014/02/14 / 20:07

    Those are so cool!

  7. Hannah
    2014/02/14 / 20:14

    awesome idea! I just stupidly painted my nails grey… the most anti valentines nails ever?
    Hannah | xo

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:30

      …maybe haha. Although I’m a bug fan of grey polishes x

  8. Micaylah Denton
    2014/02/14 / 23:13

    This is such a cute idea <3

  9. Everygoodthingblog by Melissa
    2014/02/14 / 23:27

    Ah, these nails are the coolest!!!

  10. 2014/02/15 / 05:30

    Amazing! How creative, love it!
    I most definetely will try it (though I doubt they’ll turn up as good as yours haha!)

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:34

      they’re quite easy if you have any kind of nail art pen xx

  11. Stacey
    2014/02/15 / 08:45

    Cute nails, unfortunately I don’t have a steady enough hand to try this out x

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:34

      Aw man, I can do my left hand but have to rope in friends or sisters to do my right hand :p x

  12. Zazie Bibi
    2014/02/15 / 09:09

    Such cute nails! xx

  13. Lucy Read
    2014/02/15 / 10:04

    Great nails love them really creative Lucy

  14. Samantha Bartlett
    2014/02/15 / 10:17

    They look great, I will definitely be trying out them!

    Sam x

  15. 2014/02/15 / 11:03

    This is really good, so neat! :)

    • 2014/02/17 / 18:05

      Have to really try for blog posts, some nails were redone a few times haha

  16. Louise Smith
    2014/02/15 / 13:39

    Those nails are so pretty!

  17. Sammi Sunshine
    2014/02/15 / 17:32

    I love this! And it’s a little outside the box, which is always fun!

  18. 2014/02/15 / 21:27

    I love your guy’s blog and thanks for following me! Maybe for your next nail post you could do something with green for St. Patrick’s day (:

    • 2014/02/17 / 18:07

      That’s a good idea, thank you! Will have a think what to do xx

  19. Mel
    2014/02/16 / 00:16

    I love how you haven’t done generic nail art designs for Valentines Day. This one is particularly awesome!

    • 2014/02/17 / 18:08

      Get bored of the same few pink designs! Thanks hun x

  20. Lucy
    2014/02/19 / 21:05

    Love this! I really want to try Rio’s nail art pens, would you recommend them? I’ve only used Model’s Own so far and wasn’t too impressed ox

  21. Jenn
    2014/02/20 / 23:39

    This looks great! It’s a really subtle Valentines nail without being all pink and girly! The gold is a gorgeous colour!

    I’ve just found your blog, I love it, I really look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


  22. julia
    2014/06/16 / 19:45

    Your nails look great!

    Your blog looks absolutely beautiful, I love the layout!
    I’m looking forward to read your next article ;)

    ~Xx~ Julia

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