High End Makeup Logo Quiz!

How well do you think that you know your makeup brands? Take our High End Makeup Logo Quiz to see how many brands you can name from these broken logos?

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  1. Nikolina
    2015/05/28 / 13:53

    8/8 :D Wasn’t that hard :)

  2. Penny Mills
    2015/05/28 / 16:07

    8/8!! Wasn’t expecting that as I’m not really one for high end makeup! But I think I have an eye for typography and the like so maybe that explains it :D

    Polka Dot Penny

  3. Sarah
    2015/05/28 / 16:36

    6/8 even though it wasn’t that hard.. my bad :/

  4. 2015/05/28 / 23:48

    6/8 not that bad to be honest =]


  5. GoFashiondeals
    2015/05/29 / 23:55

    7 of 8. Not too shabby :)

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