Sukin Review – Foaming Facial Cleanser & Facial Moisturiser

With toileteries I am becoming more and more aware of checking and trying to making sure that I am using products that support no animal testing. At the moment it can be quite hard to do unless a brand specifically markets this, like Lush do so well. Recently I have been using some of the Sukin facial range, an australian natural skincare range that is 100% vegan, is 100% carbon neutral, has no animal testing with a motto of, ‘skincare that doesn’t cost the earth’. Find my Sukin Review below –

As well as this Sukin products also have no synthetic fragrances, harsh detergents, artificial colours, sulphate or parabens. If you have a nut allergy be aware that the Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser contains nut extracts.

sukin review

Sukin Review – Foaming Facial Cleanser

The foaming facial cleanser is a very mild cleanser, containing aloe vera, witch hazel, green tea and chamomile extract as well as macadamia and evening primrose oils. It smells like very sweet lemons and has a mild, light foaming formula, coming out as a clear gel liquid and foaming up slightly when used, nothing too dramatic. I have been using it with my foreo luna mini cleansing brush for a deep cleanse and to get rid of every last bit of makeup. I’ve been using it both morning and evening without it being drying. It is very gently on my sensitive, blemish prone skin and has been helping to keep painful breakouts at bay. The facial cleanser is suitable for all skin types but it particularly good for oily and sensitive skin, keeping the skin soft, clean and clear.

sukin review

The foaming cleanser comes in 125ml bottle which isn’t huge but it will go a long way with it being a foaming cleanser, mine is still almost full and I’ve been using it for 2 weeks, as well as a few other members of my family.

Sukin Review – Facial Moisturiser

Whilst I fell in love with the Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser the same cannot be said for the Sukin Facial Moisturiser. Again this is meant to be a great product for sensitive and oily skin, providing fast absorption and deeply penetrating hydration. I found the moisturiser to cause break outs and blemishes, making my skin so oily that my makeup started smearing throughout the day. It didn’t absorb quickly and leaves a shiny, greasy residue so isn’t a product you could use in the morning before going out.  Again it has the same lemon scent but the pump bottle gives out so much product you waste a huge amount each time you use it. It is the same price as the foaming cleanser but I can see that the moisturiser would be used up much more quickly.

sukin review

The facial moisturiser contains aloe vera, horsetail, nettle and burdock, rose hip, wheat germ, jojoba and avocado oil and is to be massaged into the neck and face after cleansing. I was surprised to have such contrasting opinions of the two products, the foaming facial cleanser I would buy again, the facial moisturiser I stopped using almost immediately.

Sukin Facial Moisturiser (125ml)
Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser (125ml)

Let me know if you had the same thoughts as me in my Sukin Review and if you have any other Vegan, non animal tested brands you would recommend me trying!

* Some items in this blog post were received for review purposes



  1. 2015/05/29 / 14:58

    It’s a shame about the moisturiser but the facial cleanser sounds great! // x

  2. GoFashiondeals
    2015/05/29 / 16:19

    Too bad about the moisturizer. :(

  3. 2015/05/30 / 03:47

    I have been testing a few products by Sukin as well lately. I really, really love the moisturiser but I don’t have oily skin which might be the difference. It works well for me and actually leaves my skin feeling less oily than my previous moisturiser did.

  4. 2015/06/02 / 00:54

    I like what Sukin stands for, but the one product I tried (the toner) didn’t do anything for me. This cleanser looks like it’s worth a look! Especially if it takes off makeup!

  5. annababubble
    2015/06/08 / 11:55

    I love the moisturiser and find it absorbs well, no greasiness and really brightens the skin. My 17 year old spotty son uses it and finds his spots calm and become less visible with it – I put it down to the calming rosehip oil in it! Sorry you didn’t have success with it.

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