How to Choose the Right Outfit for an Interview

How to Choose the Right Outfit for an Interview


We’ve all been there; we’ve known about the big interview for a week or two, but we’ve spent so much time worrying about what they might ask and what you should say that we forget to think about what we’ll wear. There’s bound to be something suitable in your wardrobe, right? All too often, we stand in front of the wardrobe the night before the interview and cobble together something that’s ‘good enough’. Unfortunately, a job interview is one of those occasions for which we should be putting in a little more thought and effort. We want to give the right impression in terms of professionalism, of course, but we also want to show we take pride in our appearance.

Choosing the ideal interview outfit doesn’t need to be stressful; here are some tips to get you started.

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Formal is Always Safest

Some people worry about dressing too formally, but in the vast majority of cases, it’s far safer to be overdressed than underdressed. For men, unless you’re applying for a job in a bar or something which is quite casual, you can’t go wrong with a suit. Suits can be pricey, but it is possible to get a stylish bargain. However, a suit is something you’ll be able to wear again and again, so look at it as an investment in your career. Women can also opt for a stylish suit, or a power jumpsuit which will look smart and sophisticated.

Go for the Understated Look

A job interview is something you’ll want to look and feel your best for, but that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard. The focus should be on you as a potential employee and your skills. Try not to wear anything too revealing or distracting (avoid slogans on clothing) and keep jewellery to a minimum.

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Dress for the Role

You should be researching the company you’re interviewing for before the interview, and this research will probably give you an insight into how you might like to dress on the day. Many companies have photographs on their website of staff, so look and see if you can get a sense of what people wear to the office.

Remember the Accessories

An interview can feel very much like we’re under the microscope, so it’s best to dress with as much attention to detail as possible. From the shiny shoes on your feet, to a pair of designer glasses on your face, you should be giving the impression that you pay attention to the finer details. Take some time to finish your hair and iron your shirt in the morning. If you take time and effort over your appearance, there’s a good chance you have the same approach to your career.

Be Comfortable

Whatever you choose to wear, you need to be comfortable on the day. If high heels aren’t your thing, don’t pretend for the day, as the last thing you want are painful feet and the fear of falling flat on your face. Look for the style and colours which flatter you; your outfit should make you feel as good about yourself as possible so that you can let your inner self shine through and show them why you’re the best person for the job.


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