One to Tell the Grandkids – World Travels

One to Tell the Grandkids – World Travels


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I have this friend. A man. He recently told me he’d been visiting his parents’ house (for which he still has a key) and had let himself in when there was no answer. His parents were out shopping. The next thing he knew, his ageing granddad turned up to visit, and they popped the kettle on while they waited for the shoppers to return. This friend of mine never really had much of a relationship with his granddad, which he regretted. This was their chance to chat. From mesmerising talk of travelling Europe with the army in his youth and getting lost and following the train tracks through the desert back to base, to spending years living with far flung family in New Zealand, and, whilst he was there, temporarily part-owning an aquarium. The man had lived. When asked by his granddad how things were going, my friend simply replied that his office job was ‘fine’ and his new car was ‘fine’ and his relationship was ‘fine’. When he told me all this, I was inspired to write a blog post telling you all how you too can be the interesting grandparent with stories to tell.

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Take in a Show in Italy

There are these wonderful things called planes. They can take you anywhere. Well, almost anywhere, save for a few small private islands that you have to get to by boat, but who wants to rock up there and spend all evening explaining to Richard Branson why you’ve invaded his barbecue? Italy is easily the land most associated with love and passion and food all those other things that make life fun. My top tip is to get out there and take in some lesser spotted culture. See here for top value deals on opera packages that offer everything from the sights and sounds of Italy to the expert culinary tastes and the air of romance for which the city built on seven hills is so famed.

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St Patrick’s Day, Dublin

Dublin gives and it gives and it gives. The place is energy personified, or rather ‘citified’ if you will. Every street, every bar, every person, every time a car drives by or the wind blows, you know you’re in party town – the atmosphere is just that electric. Be warned, however, that the song ‘Galway Girl’ is blasted out of every single set of speakers in Dublin roughly once every 23 minutes. So try as you might to enjoy your first pint of real Guinness, made with the waters of the river Liffey, and despite your attempts to join in the jigs and shenanigans on offer going on through the open door of every one of the many public houses, you will inevitably end up sending Ed Sheeran an email asking if he could please, pretty please, pretty super please, write at least one more song about Ireland.

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Live on a Yellow Submarine (or visit it at least)

Speaking of music, there’s no better way to pay homage to modern day rock and pop than taking in one of the many Beatles tours on offer in Liverpool. The yellow submarine boat actually exists. Visit the Cavern club. See Paul McCartney’s childhood house. In fact, you can see all of the Beatles’ childhood houses, but Paul’s has been kept as a museum. The Beatles Story can be found on the Albert Dock – from there, your tour could last days if you wished.


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