Tecky Tuesday: How To Create a Blog Signature

how to create a blog signature

How To Create a Blog Signature

A lot of people like to add a little personal touch to their posts, one of the most common ways of doing this is adding a small signature to the end of each of the posts. This tutorial will explain how to create a blog signature that automatically attaches to the end of your post. Its very simple to do and will take under 5 minutes to make the needed changes to your blog. With all that said, thanks for reading this weeks Tecky Tuesday.


Step 1. Upload your image signature to an Image hosting website such as Imgur. Once you upload it make a note of the address of the image. You will need this reference for the next steps.
Step 2. Settings > Posts and Comments and look for Post Templates.
Step 3. Add the Following line of code, changing the part marked “ADDRESSOFIMAGECHANGETHIS” to the address of the image you uploaded to imgur.

[html]<div align=”right”><img src=”ADDRESSOFIMAGECHANGETHIS”></div>[/html]

Step 4. All future posts will now automatically have a image in your post.


Plugin times! Don’t worry about anything too complex.
Step 1. Just get over to your dashboard.
Step 2. Go to Plugins > Add New
Step 3. Search for “Add signature” or download from here.
Step 4. Install the plugin then follow the on screen instructions
Step 5. All Done!


Step 1. Upload your image signature to a Image hosting website such as Imgur. Once you upload it make note of the address of the image you will need this for the next steps.
Step 2. Click on ‘Settings’ and then ‘Posts and Comments’. Then click on ‘Add’ button next to Post Template.
Step 3. Paste the following code in to the box that shows up, again changing SIGNATUREURL with the image address.

[html]<img class="centered" alt="post signature" src="SIGNATUREURL" style="width:NaN%;"> [/html]

Step 4. High five your all done.

If you are interested in getting your own signature but don’t have the time to create on yourself head on over to my shop! (shameless self promotion). I am currently creating signatures at a reduced rate to accompany this post. As always thanks for reading this weeks Tecky Tuesday, remember to share this post if you found this at all useful, and let me know if you start adding it to your blog.

how to create a blog signature


  1. Lulu Ewing
    2014/05/06 / 09:45

    This seems so easy but I can’t get mine to work :/ No doubt I’m doing something super simple for it not to work but I will carry on trying, I love Tecky Tuesday :) x

    • 2014/05/06 / 10:58

      Its all posts going forward, try making a new post?

      • Lulu Ewing
        2014/05/06 / 16:01

        I’ve done a test post but I’m getting a little image of a torn piece of paper :( x

          • Lulu Ewing
            2014/05/06 / 16:48

            Sorted it :) Thank you! x

  2. 2014/05/06 / 12:59

    Thanks for this post! :)



  3. mikaylaa.s
    2014/05/06 / 18:03

    So helpful! Especially for new bloggers!


  4. Barbara Lu
    2014/05/06 / 21:03

    Thanks! Very helpful!

  5. 2014/05/06 / 23:58

    How handy is this?? I’ve frequently thought about wanting to add this little touch to my blog, and I’m glad to see it’s so easy!

  6. Kine
    2014/05/07 / 00:46

    Thank for this, I’ll be adding my signature this week!

  7. 2014/05/07 / 20:05

    I had to scour the internet to find instructions on how to do this when I was remaking my blog, but all of the instructions I found were complicated and had me editing the html code. I wish I knew about this method back then!

  8. Paola Bernal
    2014/05/12 / 20:01

    It didn’t work for me :(

  9. Alyssa
    2015/08/15 / 02:19

    Hi. Where is the posts and comments on the settings of tumblr? I don’t have that on my settings page.

    • Eric
      2015/11/04 / 20:47

      Sadly, I don’t think they’re checking this page anymore, and things have apparently changed.

      I can’t believe how complicated it is to post a stinking signature on tumblr.

  10. nope
    2016/04/04 / 18:40

    Tumblr does not have a posts and comments option.

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