False Nail Sets – Primark £1 Cat and Polka Dots

False Nail Sets Primark False Nail Sets

Primark false nail sets are some of my favourite products at the moment and are some fantastic bargain beauty pieces. I like wearing false nails or doing nail art on my own false nails such as my Harry Potter nails or One Direction nails but they can take a long time to create. They are my go to quick fix manicure and have loads of really fun designs, I especially love their cat and polka dot designs and picked up a few packs. You can find more of their previous designs here.

False Nail Sets

For £1 these false nail sets are fantastic, the designs are long lasting and the nails are a lovely shape, not too long and really flattering. They will need filing down and smoothing but most false nails also need this. They are really strong, unlike some more flimsy false nails. I wasn’t sure about trying Primark false nail sets at first, especially at that price as I wasn’t sure how good they would be, but I’m glad I did. I started wearing them around a year ago and have kept going back to them.

Downsides are that the glue in the set is really bad. It doesn’t last and the nails fall off. I use Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue for my nails as you can apply it in the same way as a nail polish using a brush. A lot of nail glues can be really messy with a tiny nozzle that gets clogged up but this nail glue is great, lasts a long time and can be put in your handbag without any worry of it leaking. I think it makes the nails last longer as you get an even layer of glue along the whole nail with the brush.

Primark Beauty False Fashion Nails

Elegant Touch Brush On Nail Glue

Are you a fan of Primarks £1 Nails Art?

False Nail Sets