How to create a spring ready bathroom

How to create a spring ready bathroom

How to create a spring ready bathroom 3

It’s spring cleaning time, and I’m sure our household is not the only one with the desire to get their bathroom smelling clean, decluttered and looking fresh. We have been trying to be less materialistic this year and more mindful with our purchases. If you are feeling the same, then check out my suggestions below on how to create a spring-ready bathroom and keep it simple, healthy, clean and chemical-free too.

I know that I probably won’t ever be able to say I am ‘zero waste’, but I am keen to have a low impact on the environment and do my best with what is available (price dependent). When starting your journey into zero waste, plastic-free living or simply a low impact lifestyle like myself, it can be rather daunting. It is amazing when you start to look around your home, suddenly you notice that almost everything you use in your bathroom is disposable and made of plastic or came wrapped in plastic. While they can be useful, they have become an everyday part of my single-use and convenience-based lifestyle, and I’m just not happy with that. here


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