How to Raise the Bar for Bridal Looks

Brides-to-be of every age will want to appear picture-perfect on their wedding day. Yet, the small and large style choices you make can determine if you feel gorgeous and sophisticated or self-conscious and unstylish. 

As you’ll want to make jaws drop when you step inside your wedding venue, you must carefully pick each item to ensure you look and feel like a million dollars. Instead of looking back on your day with one or more regrets, find out how to raise the bar for bridal looks.

Wear a Gorgeous, Striking Veil

A wedding veil will add femininity, mystery, and texture to a bridal look, ensuring you command attention from the moment you step inside a venue. Make eyes pop by selecting a veil to match your chosen style, theme, and taste. It will naturally draw the eye to you when walking down the aisle, exchanging vows, or strutting your stuff on the dancefloor with your new husband or wife. Choose from various veils from Lace & Favour to suit your preference, such as a head-turning cathedral veil that will trail behind you or a unique bouffant style to create a distinctive look. 

Select One or Two Bold Accessories

Too many accessories will detract from your beauty and elegance. Wow every guest by only wearing one or two bold accessories, as they will allow your makeup, hair, and overall style to shine. For example, teardrop earrings will appear feminine and sophisticated and are ideal if you’re wearing your hair up in a bun, braid, or similar. Also, a simple statement bracelet will add a chic detail to your look without overwhelming it.

Slip Your Feet into the Perfect Shoes

You must consider many factors before buying a pair of wedding shoes, as they can determine your appearance, confidence, and comfort throughout the day. 

Before you rush in, you must consider:

  • The style
  • Color
  • Height
  • Fit
  • Wedding venue

If your shoes are uncomfortable, you might walk with a limp or appear unconfident, which will detract from your appearance as you walk down the aisle, mingle with guests, or enjoy a first dance with your other half. Also, if you’re not confident walking in heels, you’re more likely to tumble or feel self-conscious as you move from A to B.

Bear the above factors in mind to pick a shoe that’s right for you and appear effortlessly beautiful and confident on your big day. For example, swap stilettos for comfier mid or low heels for your wedding. If you’re exchanging vows outdoors, you might want to choose chunkier heels or heel stoppers to prevent you from sinking into the grass.

Showcase Your Attention to Detail with a Coverup

Prove you have exceptional attention to detail by finding a perfect coverup for your bridal look. For instance, an ivory faux fur bridal cape will look stunning when temperatures turn a little chilly, and it will keep you warm and cozy, making it a must-have for an outdoor wedding. Alternatively, you can wrap yourself up in an ivory stole that will exude texture, femininity, and grace. 


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