The Perfect Itinerary To Visit the UK’s Most Luxurious Spots

The UK’s business owners and customers know how to do luxury living. London has some of the finest establishments that welcome visitors from all over the world. The city is home to over 66 Michelin restaurants and the most five-star hotels in the world, at an impressive 75. So, where should you start when looking at a vacation in the UK? Read on for recommendations for your stay in the UK and an itinerary for you to follow while planning your two-week trip. 

The Perfect Itinerary To Visit the UK’s Most Luxurious Spots 1

Day 1

Arrive at the Airport in Style

Organising your travel plans is a vital step when it comes to comfort and luxury on the ground. There’s nothing worse than arriving in an unfamiliar city with no idea where you are heading or how you will get there. Whether it is your flight plan or transport on the other side, we recommend putting everything in place before lift-off. 

Transport in the city centre is excellent. Plenty of methods exist for getting around, from public transport options to private ones. There are several private chauffeur companies that offer nothing short of a five-star experience. Alternatively, choose the authentic experience and hail a cab for your experience in the iconic vehicle. Cab drivers know the city like no other, so you’ll be in for a ride and a free tour of the city. For the private chauffeurs, some work in specific areas, so make sure you’re up to date on which airport you will arrive at. 

London has six airports for you to arrive at, with London City Airport being the most central. You will likely land at either Heathrow or Gatwick for long-haul international flights. Both airports are well connected with public transport links, but several personalised services are available for those who fly via private jet charter

Find the Hotel for You

The Savoy 

Located in the city centre, The Savoy offers a grand experience that all visitors marvel at. Not only does this establishment offer a stay more comfortable than any other, but you can also book it for a show at the Savoy Theatre, which is attached to the lower part of the hotel. 

Decorated by Gucci, the hotel is a feast for the eyes. For the ultimate stay at the Savoy, guests can book into The Royal Suite to truly appreciate the Gucci and Savoy collaboration. All three restaurants in the hotel are run by Gordon Ramsay, adding a famous face to the package. 

The Perfect Itinerary To Visit the UK’s Most Luxurious Spots 2

Day 2 

On day two, we recommend you get to know your surroundings at your leisure. Despite your luxurious entry into the country, you’ll have had a long flight and may need to recover from the jetlag. Get some sleep and get ready for a relaxed day on the town. Head to some of the city’s top dining spots. 

Celebrate Your New Surroundings at London’s finest 

The Ivy for Tea

Nothing is more British than participating in an afternoon tea with cucumber sandwiches, scones, and other-worldly patisserie options. The Ivy franchise has many locations for you to choose from, the most central being on West Street in the heart of the West End. 

Kudu Grill for Dinner

For a flavourful experience with pockets of cultural deliciousness and decadence, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the South African fusion house known as The Kudu Grill. All meals are cooked on an open fire, introducing a smokey element to the components that make up diner’s plates. This Michelin-recommended restaurant celebrates flavour in the most scrumptious way. 

Day 3-6

The capital of the UK is a great city with plenty to explore, and we think you’ll be ready to dive in by day three.

Get Out and About

The Shard for an Early Morning Coffee

The Shard is the place to be for an impressive aerial view of the magnificent skyline. The Shard hosts numerous social events that appeal to those who prefer a more lavish way of life. Book your ticket for their New Year’s event and watch the sunset from one of their seven fine dining restaurants as high as the 52nd floor. 

Ferry to Battersea for Some Luxury Brands Around Lunchtime 

The latest edition to the list of luxury locations in London has to be the newly converted Battersea Power Station. The iconic landmark has been next to the Thames since it was built over 70 years ago. The impressive building is now home to several luxury shopping options and can be accessed from the surrounding roads and footpaths or via numerous boat options. They also have several spots to stop for a bite, so you won’t have to go too far for what you need. 

Day 7 

You’ll be familiar with the city by now, but what about the rest of the UK? Avoid falling into the trap of thinking the city is the only place to find luxury. There are plenty of country spots hidden away in the hills. From boutique treehouse hotels to manor houses with room service and great big woods surrounding the house, there is no shortage of luxury in the country. 

Expand Your Horizons

London may be the capital of opulence and luxury, but it isn’t the only location in the UK that boasts the finer things in life. There are plenty of places out of the hustle and bustle of the city for you to visit, and you won’t have to sacrifice luxury. 

Just a few miles southeast, you’ll find the seaside area of Kent. There are many boutique stays in the area, but one worth mentioning is The Pig Hotel. This hotel franchise offers personalised visits that will address your every need. This hotel does everything from the dining experience to the complimentary yoga classes. Explore their infinite gardens and marvel at the homegrown vegetables you’ll soon get to taste once their star chefs have finished preparing them. 

The Perfect Itinerary To Visit the UK’s Most Luxurious Spots 3

Luxury in the UK

London is the place to be if you seek luxury in the UK, but that does not mean the rest of the UK doesn’t contain anything special. One blog can’t cover the impressive number of places to visit during your stay, but any of these stops will expose you to individuals who can recommend the best places. Check out locations found in the Cotswolds, Oxford, Bath or even as far as Scotland for a quieter stay in a castle or grand mansion. 


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