How To Style with Your Engagement Ring


There is no doubt that an engagement ring will be your pride and joy once you have it. And while it will look fabulous all by itself, there are some ways in which you can make it look even better. And since you will be wearing this same piece of jewelry day after day, you want to keep things interesting as well. Take a look at these tips on how you can style your engagement ring to look simply wonderful.

Add Some More Rings

While diamond engagement rings obviously take centre stage on your hand, there is no reason why you can’t invite a few more rings to the party. Of course, you will probably want to put them on your other fingers. The type of rings which you choose really depend on your individual and personal style. You could go for a big statement ring on your forefinger. Otherwise, a few midi and mini rings could end up providing the perfect complements.

Get a Manicure

Your engagement ring is not going to look its best unless your hands are looking fantastic as well. So, if you are going out for a special occasion, the least you will want to do is get a manicure. But if you really want to pull focus to your hand, you could always paint your nails some funky colours. Try something metallic or else bright and bold. It is a nice idea to experiment with a few different types to keep giving your hand a new and fresh look.


Don’t Forget About Your Arms

Don’t assume that all the attention should only be placed on your hand – you can also think about how your arms are styled as well. So, you could consider layering up some bracelets as this will draw attention to attention to your engagement ring without overshadowing it totally. A variety of sizes and colours will help to add both texture and depth to your look. Again, it is all about experimentation until you work out what works.

Mix Up Metal Types

If you have a ring which is only made up of a single type of metal, it is easy enough to mix and match it with other varieties and materials. Don’t be afraid to mix gold and silver for a sparkly and special look.

Matching Jewelry

Your other option is to go for a matching effect. While you want it to stand out, you also want to look like it fits in seamlessly with the rest of your style. So, you could match the stone in other items which you are wearing to give your outfit more of a sense of consistency.

Rather than just going for a single look or style every single time, it is a nice idea to vary up what you are doing with your engagement ring. Even though you are wearing the same item of jewelry every day, it doesn’t have to be boring.


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