I have previously shared my love for the I Love…’s range in my Mothers day gift ideas but today I am sharing with you their new exciting new collaboration. I Love… have teamed up with a charity that I support and am so happy if I can bring it a bit more awareness; CoppaFeel. I Love… is the first cosmetics company to commit to adding breast cancer awareness signs and symptoms labels to their limited edition Perfectly Peachy Bubble Bath & Shower Créme which is absolutely fantastic.

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If you are keen to pick up some of the Perfectly Peachy Bubble Bath & Shower Créme limited edition CoppaFeel #SHOWERHIJACK then this launches exclusively into Boots next week on 23rd March.  CoppaFeel aim is to stamp out late detection and misdiagnosis of breast cancer through knowing what to look for, checking your boobs regularly and knowing what they should look and feel like normally and giving people the confidence to seek medical referral. CoppaFeel was set up by Kristin Hallenga who was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 23 and has helped bring real attention to breast cancer awareness, checking regularly and spotting changes. The CoppaFeels #SHOWERHIJACK campaign aims to build ‘copping a feel’ into everyday routines and to unite the beauty industry by hijacking womens showers nationwide. Hopefully so that spotting the signs and symptoms of breast cancer will be understood and become second nature.

As Kristin Hallenga, CEO and Founder of Coppafeel said, ‘This isn’t a fundraiser, this is a lifesaver. We know that women forget to check their boobs and the most common place to check their boobs is in the shower, but when they do remember to check them, they can’t remember the signs and symptoms they’re looking for. By putting the signs and symptoms of breast cancer on the Perfectly Peachy bottles, women will have the information they need when they need it.’

You can find the Perfectly Peachy Bubble Bath & Shower Créme exclusively in Boots.



  1. Megan Roisin
    2015/03/20 / 12:38

    This is such a good idea to put the labels on bottles! I hate it when brands “raise awareness” just by putting the word ‘cancer’ on the packaging but this is a fab idea to actively spread symptom awareness!

    Megan x
    London Callings

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