Guest Post: The perfect engagement ring selfie

**This is a guest post by Sarah Williams**

An engagement ring is a beautiful reminder of the time you said “yes”. Preserve that moment with an additional memento: an engagement ring selfie. Selfies are self-photographed portraits that are simple and easy to take. They are used to capture everything from the mundane to the the extraordinary. An engagement ring selfie differs from the usual selfie in that the star of the picture is your ring. While taking a picture of your bejeweled hand may sound like a piece of cake, there are many ways it can go wrong. Here is a guide to how you can capture the perfect engagement ring selfie.

Making sure your hands look their best is the first step towards an album-worthy picture. Because engagement ring selfies only focus on your ring, the time you would put towards styling your hair or preparing your makeup can be redirected to your nails. You can treat yourself to a manicure, and impress your friends with the detail and intricacy of each nail. You can also “Do-It-Yourself” and create a unique design that represents your personality. Everyone does not choose to paint their nails. Even in this case, your hands deserves attention. The best engagement ring selfies feature hands with cut, filed, and clean nails. Take a minute or two to get them ready for the spotlight


After your hands are glammed up, you can move on to the more technical parts of your picture. One thing to consider is the lighting. The perfect engagement ring selfie is photographed in well-lit area. Natural light for this type of picture is very flattering, so it helps to take your selfie during the day. How you choose to arrange your selfie is also important. Although it is a picture of your hand, your entire hand does not need to be in the frame. Trying to fit all five fingers and the top of your wrist into your selfie can distract from the ring. As a rule, do not be afraid to zoom in.

Finally, before snapping your selfie, think about the background of your picture. A plain background keeps all the attention on your ring, but this can be uninteresting. In contrast, a busy background like a living room or office can overpower the impact of your ring. One way to avoid these common mistakes is to position your hand against a fabric. Choosing a fabric as your background will add interest to your selfie without interfering. It is a way to play it safe, while still producing a fun picture. However, if you are in a creative mood, try choosing the place where you were engaged as the background. Or, include an emblem that symbolizes your engagement in the frame.

There are simple things you can do to ensure you take the perfect engagement ring selfie. Preparing your hand for the photo comes first. You should have plenty of time to give to this step, since your hair, makeup, and clothing are not the focus. Second, you will want to consider the technical details of your selfie. At this stage, decisions about lighting and what you will include in the frame can be determined. Once your nails are finished and the technical details are figured out, it is time to choose the background. Remember, where you decide to place your hand strongly influences the charm of your ring. Though all of these tips are important, the selfie process really begins with picking a gorgeous engagement ring. Visit Laings of Glaslow for elegant diamond rings that were made for flaunting.



  1. GoFashiondeals
    2015/03/19 / 17:12

    Love the manicure in the top photo! Beautiful pictures!! Love the post!

    • 2015/03/19 / 21:56

      Thank you, that was my engagement announcement! Had to do my nails for the photo though :)

      • GoFashiondeals
        2015/03/20 / 12:54

        Love it!

  2. Kasope Sonola
    2015/03/19 / 18:35

    This is such an interesting topic that I’ve never really thought about, now I’m thinking in the future that my nails always need to be nice, you know, just incase I’m proposed to lol!


  3. Pili G
    2015/03/19 / 20:06

    Love them!



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