Improving Your Child’s Safety At Home: 7 Ways To Protect Them From Insects

Backyard playtime, bonfires, and woodsy trails tend to have galling bloodsuckers that crush kids’ summertime fun. As an adult, you understand how to treat bug bites and avoid the persistent urge to scratch. However, it isn’t this easy for children. The burning and itching can be quite unbearable for them, sometimes resulting in sleepless nights. 

In addition to all that, some bites from mosquitoes and ticks can cause severe illnesses like ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. So, what are the best ways to protect your children? 

Here are 7 important tips to help your children to avoid being bait for pesky insects: 

  • Avoid the insects

Although this might seem a bit too obvious, it is still the best way to protect your children from insects. However, to do so, you have to understand when the bugs are out and hungry. 

Black flies, for example, happen to be more active after lunchtime, while mosquitoes prefer to go to work during dusk and dawn. Individuals are usually quick to research; “effective pest control methods near me“, neglecting just how important prevention can be. 

If you cannot completely stop your kids from going out during these times, ensure that they are dressed in light-colored, long-sleeved clothes to protect them from bug bites. Furthermore, avoid dark-colored clothing and scented lotion, as these can lure bugs. 

  • Utilize insect repellents for children 

According to experts, the 2 major repellent ingredients that are most effective and ideal in protecting children from bugs are DEET and icaridin. The best aspect of products made from icaridin is that it irritates the skin less than DEET, and it isn’t greasy or smelly. 

Whichever bug repellent you pick, ensure that it is applied lightly on exposed skin and clothing. Remember to rinse off the repellent when your kids get home since you don’t want them exposed to the repellent for too long. 

  • Consider citronella 

Citronella is a safe and non-toxic way to repellent insects, but it doesn’t kill them. You can find the chemical in candles, and its oil can reduce mosquito landings by up to 40% because it hides the human scents that lure insects. 

Another great part of citronella is that it comes in several styles and can offer mood lighting and a decorative touch. Others also come in the form of wristbands that you can put on your children when they go camping.

  • Place bug-resistant plants in your home

Plants such as marigolds, garlic, mint, and rosemary are useful when you want to keep insects away and are considered bug-resistant. While they are all successful at repelling bugs, chrysanthemums are one of the most effective plants at fending off ants, roaches, ticks, and spider mites. 

By strategically growing these plants, you can enjoy the benefits of having a few insects in your home, as well as acquiring lovely interior decor. 

  • Paint your home with lighter colors 

Naturally, insects tend to see bright and dark colors more easily; that’s why kids should wear light-colored clothes to ensure they stay away. Therefore, you should also consider using the same theory for your home. 

To make your home unattractive to bugs like mosquitoes, paint the patio, doors, siding, and fencing of your home with lighter color shades. However, don’t forget to use the color that’s ideal for your home and enhances its beauty and appearance. 

  • Constant room inspections

Inspecting your children’s rooms is a thing every concerned parent does. However, rather than search for what they might be hiding, look for something they have no idea they had — bed bugs. These insects aren’t something children are aware of. 

As a parent, however, you have to search your kids’ rooms ever so often in search of these insects. If you fail to see obvious signs of bed bugs in their beds, clothes, or toys, have a good look at their back, arms, stomachs, etc. A notable sign of bed bugs is tiny bite marks that tend to have rash-like symptoms. 

  • Ensure your home is clean always 

Cleaning your home and protecting your kids from pests go hand in hand. Most bugs commonly found indoors aren’t there only for shelter — they are also there for moisture sources and free food. 

By skipping your cleaning chores, clutter builds up and leaks go unnoticed. Cockroaches, ants, rodents, etc. are household pests that commonly appear when your home is messy. Therefore, you have to make cleaning a regular activity. 

Key Takeaway

You know your kids aren’t worrying about bugs, so you have to take this task much more seriously. You have to be more focused on prevention rather than removal. 

However, if you are worried you might have a pest infection to deal with, don’t hesitate to get expert pest control. 


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