Top 5 Must-Visit Cities in the United Kingdom

Top 5 Must-Visit Cities in the United Kingdom 1

The UK may not be as big as other countries but throughout its breadth and width, it’s dotted with lots of places with beautiful architecture and breathtaking scenery just waiting to be explored. With a history spanning centuries, cities in the UK have stood the test of time and brought to the fore a blend of British tradition and modernity. 

There are so many beautiful cities in the four countries making up the UK that it is difficult to pinpoint the best cities to visit in the UK. As you move from one city to the other, you can’t help but notice how each of them is unique in their own way. You will always experience something different as far as architecture, the social scene and even the culinary scene are concerned. To ease the burden on you the next time you want to explore the UK and can’t decide on the cities to visit, this article highlights five top cities in the UK that you can’t miss on your itinerary. 

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Top 5 Must-Visit Cities in the United Kingdom 2

When exploring the UK you can’t miss setting foot in London. It is not only the UK’s capital but also its financial nerve centre and home to the Royal family. London sits at the banks of the river Thames and boasts among other things magnificent architecture dating way back.

The cuisine here is diverse, representing almost all the communities that call London home. In London, you will also enjoy award-winning museums and galleries. Shopaholics also have the time of their life in the city thanks to the many shopping locations which include both designer stores and vintage boutiques. To relax, you can also take advantage of the green spaces and just blow off steam enjoying the scenery.


They say the people of Glasgow make the city what it is. In fact, Glasgow has been voted severally as “ first for friendliness” in the world. Apart from its people, Glasgow is also a melting pot of creativity. It has a thriving art scene and you won’t fail to notice the unique art items sold everywhere. 

There are several museums you can explore for a trip down memory lane. It also has stunning architecture with Glasgow Cathedral being among the attractions you can’t help but marvel at. Most of the attractions in Glasgow are free to visit making it cheaper to explore the city compared to the others in the UK.


Belfast is North Ireland’s capital. Although it is the largest city in North Ireland, it is relatively smaller compared to the other capitals in the UK. Belfast has a rich history including being where the infamous Titanic was built. There are also several museums in the city bringing the city’s past to life including its shipbuilding history and linen industry.

The city also has a beautiful Victorian architecture with a thriving restaurant and pub scene. While here you also must treat your palate and taste buds with the world-renowned Irish whiskeys. 


Cardiff, which is also the Welsh capital, is quite small and you can take 15 minutes to move from one end to the other on a bicycle. Despite this, it has a bottomless bag of goodies you can enjoy and is definitely one of the nicest cities in the UK.

The city has a vibrant music scene, a creative art scene and a culinary scene where you can enjoy traditional Welsh delicacies among other cuisines. The city is also famous for sports with football and rugby being among the main sports attractions in the city. The city also boasts plenty of green spaces you can use to relax. Don’t forget to visit Cardiff Castle and go back in time to 2,000 years ago. 


Cambridge is another of the good cities to visit in the UK. The city is popularly known for its university, Cambridge University, which is among the oldest surviving ones in the world. Due to its deep academic roots with an unbelievable 31 colleges, the city has produced great scholars including several Nobel prize winners. 

Apart from its colleges, the town also has beautiful mediaeval architecture that can be well appreciated through a boat tour along River Cam that snakes its way through the city’s heart. 

Although it has a mediaeval history, the city bubbles with modern vibes thanks to the large student population. There are lots of music festivals you can enjoy here plus a thriving performing arts scene. There are also several museums and art galleries you can visit to quench your artistic thirst.


The UK is rich in history which is depicted in its ancient buildings and showcased in its museums. Many cities here have been around for hundreds of years but still go against the odds to blend into modern times. There are many beautiful cities to visit in the UK but this article has only discussed five that you can’t miss to visit as you explore the UK. As you hit the road to quench your spirit of adventure make sure you visit the five above because a great time awaits you.


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