How to Instantly Improve Your Activity

My Mum and I have been talking about the importance of daily physical activity. We’ve been looking at ways to incorporate activity into our everyday routine. Here is our list of some of the ways you can instantly improve your activity in your daily life. 


See if any of them work for you or if one or two could become part of your routine. Have any of your tips? Please share these in the comments section below.


  1. Walk your children to and from school.
  2. Prune hedges.
  3. Rake leaves.
  4. Park as far from the front door as possible, walk just a little bit further than usual.
  5. Be active cooking.
  6. Stand instead of sitting.
  7. If you have a good length lunch break, then go for a walk or to the gym.
  8. Change up your transportation – walk, roller blading, or bike.
  9. Shovel instead of using the snowblower.
  10. Play outside with your kids.
  11. Yoga is suitable for all ability levels.
  12. The NHS Fitness Studio offers some home exercise routines.
  13. Form a sports team to raise money for charity events.
  14. Walk while waiting for a plane or train
  15. Walk up escalators rather than standing still.
  16. Keep exercise equipment around and use it
  17. Walk to the shops.
  18. Take the stairs as often as possible, as simple as it sounds.
  19. Play tennis
  20. Do calf raises while getting ready in the mirror
  21. Do lunges while brushing your teeth
  22. Do sit ups, star jumps or push-ups in advert breaks
  23. Do squats while waiting for the microwave
  24. Try a new activity.
  25. Stay at hotels with gyms or pools
  26. Play motivational music while exercising
  27. Wear a pedometer to monitor the steps you take each day.
  28. Play in the garden or park with your children.
  29. Join a fitness centre near your job.
  30. Swap your chair for an exercise ball at your desk
  31. Make a sporty date with a friend
  32. Trade coffee and cake and go for a walk with a friend instead
  33. Go out for a short walk before breakfast and after dinner
  34. Get a stand-up desk.
  35. Take dancing lessons
  36. Go for a family walk after dinner, spend some time together as well as some fresh air and exercise
  37. Use an exercise DVD at home
  38. Walk with a friend or find a local walking group
  39. Schedule exercise time on your business calendar and treat it as any other important appointment.
  40. Take up running – I highly recommend the Couch to 5K running plan.
  41. Wear your walking shoes and take longer routes
  42. Get off a stop before your destination.activity
  43. Stand when talking on the telephone.
  44. Use your gaming system, Wii Fit or Xbox Fitness
  45. Pick up the pace when walking
  46. Have “walk-meetings” to discuss projects
  47. Plan physical activity family outings, hiking, backpacking, swimming, etc.
  48. Get some pop up goals and head to the park
  49. Involve your friends.
  50. See the sights by taking a walk, jog or cycle.
  51. Walk instead of using a cart when golfing.
  52. Walk or go for a run as your kids ride their bikes
  53. Wash the car
  54. Use resistance bands when watching TV
  55. Download some audio fitness coaching.
  56. Swimming or aqua aerobics reduces stress and is great exercise
  57. Put things back in their place
  58. Pick up rubbish.
  59. Rent a rowboat
  60. Exercise around your day, whether it’s before work, after work, or during a lunch break.
  61. Reduce TV time
  62. Set up a buggy walking group with other parents.
  63. Pedaling on a home cycling machine while watching TV
  64. Plant a garden
  65. Find alternative walks back.
  66. Dance to some music.
  67. At the beach walk, run or fly a kite.
  68. Pilates focuses on stretching and strengthening the whole body.
  69. Walk the dog.
  70. Get your drink instead of asking someone to get one for you.
  71. Tai chi builds strength, flexibility and balance
  72. Clean your home, cleaning can be a great work out – walking, lifting, and stretching.
  73. Help with a conservation group
  74. Take your children to the swimming pool
  75. Mow the grass.
  76. Gardening can be physically taxing and uses a range of muscle groups.
  77. Walk around while watching your child’s sporting event
  78. Blog while on a treadmill – if you can!
  79. Fitness classes keep you motivated and can be fun, relieve stress and help you meet friends.
  80. Keep hand weights at your desk
  81. Walk around after being sat for 30 minutes
  82. When walking choose a hilly route.
  83. Travel with a skipping rope or resistance band
  84. Use your bike when you can, leave your car at home.




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  1. Pili G
    2017/09/02 / 14:44

    I’ve started to park farther from my uni lately so I can walk more. I did the from couch to 5K and it has been amazing, it worked!
    I’m going to follow more of this tips!
    To Read with Tea

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