What you need to know before you travel

I love to travel, who doesn’t? I constantly have wanderlust and have started living by the motto ‘have less, do more, see more’. Traveling can be daunting, and it is always best to make sure you have everything ready before you go!


Paperwork – Before leaving you must make sure your passport is valid. Some countries will require that your passport is valid for at least another six months after your arrival date. Otherwise, they may not grant entry to you. It is crucial to know the visa requirements, make sure a tourist visa isn’t required. Take photos of key documents, your passport, visas, insurance and then save them to the cloud so you can access them anywhere. Read up restrictions. It is important to read up on the countries laws and common tourist mistakes in the area. Respect the local customs and be sure to dress appropriately.


Plan – Choose the right season to go, it only takes a few minutes to google. It is always important to have a rough plan in advance so you don’t find yourself completely lost or find your route is blocked by any specialist transport services, but stay flexible, go with the flow and see where the day may take you. Travel goals for specific sightseeing are good to have noted beforehand but always ask the locals when you arrive; they might adapt your plans for the better! For example thai internal flights can be far cheaper than going via bus or train!

Pack light – It’s easier and far less hassle. You save time and money without having checked luggage, and your bag is with you at all times, so there is no chance of an airline losing or misplacing your luggage either. Packing light makes getting around easier, meaning cheaper, faster public transportation. An opportunity to live a little more like a local. If travelling with friends then don’t carry multiple items, pack efficiently as a group.


Spend – It can often be cheaper to book in advance, always keep an eye out for online deals – especially if you are flexible with your travels. Hostels can be a great way to meet people, save money and if they serve breakfast, you can fill up for the day. Explore by foot or by bike to save and see more sights. Eat like a local for a cheaper, more fulfilling time. If you are a student remember to pack your student card – you can sometimes save a lot abroad. Be sure to keep more separate in different areas of your bag and always pay with local currency. Currency conversion is an easy way to be scammed so plan for this. Be aware of ATM usage as they can charge a variety of fees.

Technology – There can be so much help available when travelling, just on your phone. Whether it’s Hostelworld, Skype, Whatsapp, Google Maps or Google Translate. Read up on the best apps for your journey. I love Tripadvisor for a little inspiration or a new, cheap restaurant discovery. Be sure to check costs with your phone plan and Wi-Fi access on your trip. Travel with a multi plug so that you have multiple plugs with only one country adapter. Share your moments on social media, but don’t miss out on your amazing sights by seeing them all through a screen.



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