Ipanema Flip Flops Review – Summer Sandals

Ipanema Flip Flops

Ipanema Flip Flops Review – Summer Sandals

Ipanema Flip Flops are a Brazilian brand, made in Brazil and use the flip flops colour and style to reflect the Brazilian spirit. The brand Ipanema has been endorsed by model Gisele Bündchen since 2002 but was originally started by two brothers. The Flip Flops I was sent are part of the Gisele Bündchen Ocean Sandal range in shade Blush. If you need any other inspiration for summer shoes then check out my fancy flats wish list here.

Ipanema Flip Flops

When I first saw the Blush Ipanema Flip Flops online I totally missed that all the sections of the flip flop were made from plastic jelly shoe material. This makes the  Flip Flops perfect for surviving both the sea or pool on your summer holiday. Jellies are coming back massively this summer and whilst I enjoy the nostalgia I’m not totally sold on if I’d like a pair. The Ipanema Flip Flops come as a fantastic alternative, made from the same material but pretty, delicate and stylish. The textures on the Flip Flops does not look plastic but means that they are comfy and hardwearing.

Ipanema Flip Flops

The Ipanema Flip Flops are also designed for comfort and support, the soles are moulded to support the contour of the soul whilt walking. Ipanema Flip Flops recommend going up a size as they are designed to fit snugly, but I am usually a size 6 and they fit me really well. Although my Blush Flip Flops look delicate they are in no way flismy, they are strong, sturdy and really well made. I love the Blush shade of my Ipanema Flip Flops but they have a wide range of colours from the subtle to the vibrant. Other colours in the Ocean Sandal range include white, bronze, aqua, blue and coral and I really like the contrast mosaic detailing on the front of the Flip Flops.

Ipanema Flip Flops – Blush*

What are your go to shoes for this summer?

Ipanema Flip Flops



  1. 2014/06/18 / 14:02

    I’m not usually fond of jelly shoes but these are so gorgeous!

  2. Jade Morriss
    2014/06/18 / 14:17

    These flip flops look really nice, and so reasonably priced for a pair of good flip flops that will see you through the summer. Thank you for exposing me to this brand!
    Bits & Bobs

  3. Lisa
    2014/06/18 / 14:39

    These flip flops are looking really cute and nice!


  4. antonella
    2014/06/18 / 15:26

    Great buy! Pretty and comfy!


  5. Mikayla
    2014/06/18 / 17:36

    They look beautiful!

  6. 2014/06/18 / 20:05

    Wow flip-flops actually made to look glamorous! Love them x

  7. Shanna Madrazo
    2014/06/18 / 22:09

    Great post and loving the sandals for summer! The green tribal-esque design are gorgeous and they’re comfy too ?! Who said beauty is pain……

    Keep smilin :)


  8. 2014/06/19 / 03:14

    Those sandals look lovely, i love the mosaic design

  9. 2014/06/19 / 06:26

    Love these sandals!!!
    I love Ipanema sandals I had a pair that I wore all the time and they lasted years I was so impressed!
    xo Holly xo


  10. Kate
    2014/06/19 / 15:39

    Wow. I simply adore these sandals. The gem design is simple amazing. How gorgeous! xx


  11. Emmerliejay
    2014/07/14 / 18:11

    I have these sandals too and love them, so comfy! :)

    emmerliejay x

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