Jewel Candle Review – A Candle with a Surprise Gift

Jewel Candle

Jewel Candle Review – A Candle with a Surprise Gift

I’ve said it before, candles are one of my most favourite things and I have reviewed a few in the past here and here. They make rooms look lovely and I love trying new candle brands to find different styles and scents. So when I got the chance I jumped at it when Jewel Candle contacted me asking if I would love to try their newest range.

So what makes Jewel Candle any different?

Every candle that they have contains a jewel in the form of a ring or earrings, you get to pick a candle with either a random ring or earring in it before you checkout on the site. But here is the best bit, every jewel that they put in the candles are priced between £10-£250 …. meaning you get more to show for burning it than just a nice aroma. I thought this was such a great idea, especially for gifts as they are sold at good, reasonable prices (between £14.95 and £24.95).

Jewel Candle
I’m still burning my candles down slowly so I still have no clue what jewel style I will find in them, but when I do will report back. I have both a candle with a ring and an earring set in them and it is quite exciting but I’m not one to over burn candles, I like to make them last. Also due to the size of them they are on par with candles from other manufacturers meaning they are great value for money!

Jewel Candle
I decided that I would test out the Sweet Cupcake and the Cookies & Cream.  As you can see the Sweet Cupcake came in a large glass container, not unlike what you would get with yankee candles. The Sweet Cupcake is from the Classic Edition with a ring inside and the Cookies and Cream is from the Limited Edition range with earrings inside and is a standard pillar candle. The best part is that they smell so good. Cookies and cream smell just like oreos. As you can tell I go for sweet fragrances and usually prefer Vanilla scents but they have a small range of fragrances to suit anyone.

Jewel Candle
I personally can’t wait to find out what I get in the candles and will update this post when I know, I would recommend this to anyone that is looking for a gift for friends and family or just want to treat themselves. Let me know if you guys have ever used Jewel Candle.

Cookies and Cream*

Sweet Cupcake*

Other Scents *



  1. Amy Getty
    2014/08/12 / 22:28

    I really want to try these, I keep looking at the website then deciding to leave it. I love the idea of these though, especially as you get some nice jewellery from it. I think I’ll have to just go for it and purchase it. Id love to see what you get in yours! :)

    Amzy In Wonderland x

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