John Frieda Frizz Ease Competition Give Away

John Frieda just sent me 4 different items from their Frizz Ease collection. Whilst I am excited to start trying them out I am also very excited to share with you my competition giveaway for one of my readers to win the same bundle!

john frieda competition

This competition is for a chance to win the –

The total value of this competition win is £31.86 so is a pretty awesome prize. I have loved my John Frieda hair products in the past so cannot wait to see what these treatments can offer on my frizz prone hair!  To enter the giveaway and have a chance to win this wonderful prize my lovely readers or viewers can enter through my rafflecopter competition below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck to everyone entering the competition, you have 2 weeks to enter and the winner will be chosen at random midday on 11th June 2016. Be sure to leave your details where necessary so I can easily contact my winner!

john frieda competition

If you are interested in reading my thoughts on the above products then be sure to check back in a few weeks when I have had sufficient use and share my review. I am really excited to try these out, especially the John Frieda Frizz Ease 3 Day Straight Semi-Permanent Styling Spray as I would love something to give me 3 days of straight hair whilst protecting against damage and blocking frizz.

Be sure to enter my other live giveaway competition, a chance to win the wedding band entertainment for either your own or a loved ones wedding! This prize is worth £1600 so get entering!

*Post contains PR Samples



  1. Jo Hutchinson
    2016/05/27 / 00:00

    This looks like a wonderful collection.

  2. Marijana Šimić
    2016/05/27 / 08:04

    Perfect collection, thanks to a chance. :)

  3. Rachel Craig
    2016/05/27 / 12:16

    Oh, I do like to keep my hair looking healthy. Great products

  4. Vicky Cole
    2016/05/27 / 12:57

    I struggle to keep my hair frizz free so would love to try this

  5. Lindsey Stuart
    2016/05/27 / 15:04

    Fantastic products :)

  6. debbie
    2016/05/27 / 17:34

    i have the frizziest hair ! fab giveaway xx

  7. Angela Treadway
    2016/05/27 / 18:28

    I love frizz ease products x

  8. Tinybellerina
    2016/05/27 / 20:58

    I have been using John Frieda for over 15 years. I always return to using his products as he understands every hair persona. A friend of the follicles. My frizzy hair thanks him from the bottom of its roots.

  9. Ruth Robinson
    2016/05/27 / 22:08

    love john frieda and my hair is always frizzy

  10. Michelle O'neill
    2016/05/28 / 06:33

    i love John Frieda products x

  11. Ray Dodds
    2016/05/28 / 10:44

    Love John Frieda products

  12. Katie Richards
    2016/05/28 / 11:46

    I would love these as I turn into a human frizz ball in the summer!

  13. Chris S
    2016/05/28 / 20:54

    I’m in desperate need of this bundle – my hair is so frizzy. It really doesn’t matter what the weather is my Barnet turns into a frizzy bush!

  14. Ruth Harwood
    2016/05/29 / 08:18

    love john frieda products xx

  15. Harline
    2016/05/30 / 03:42

    Great giveaway! A product you can always rely on X

  16. Jude Dysart
    2016/05/31 / 19:49

    frizz ease is an incredible product!

  17. Kirsty_Mackay
    2016/06/01 / 06:11

    I love Frizzease and I’d love to win!

  18. cheryl
    2016/06/01 / 14:06

    oh lovely competition! thanks for running x

  19. Rebecca Morgan
    2016/06/04 / 01:10

    Thank you, my hair is a giant frizzy mess!

  20. Katie Kingsbury
    2016/06/05 / 14:22

    Fantastic prize, thanks. I don’t know where I’d be without Frizz Ease and GHDs!

  21. rena plumridge
    2016/06/05 / 19:58

    Great prize it would stop my hair fizzing!

  22. helen0903
    2016/06/05 / 20:58

    Wow love Frizz Ease I have thick frizzy hair and without Frizz Ease i would look like I had a head of candyfloss :)

  23. GCforever
    2016/06/06 / 10:28

    Oh, what a lovely treat these products would be. It’s surprising what a difference quality products make.

  24. Samantha R
    2016/06/06 / 21:14

    This looks fab, thank you :)

  25. Jamie Edwards
    2016/06/06 / 23:08

    I wonder if this little lot would stop me looking like one of those old troll dolls xD

  26. Anthea Holloway
    2016/06/07 / 19:55

    I love these products – this is a super prize.

  27. Jackie Kelly
    2016/06/07 / 20:04

    Great prize – Frizz Ease is the only thing that works on my lion mane!

  28. Joanne Casey
    2016/06/08 / 08:52

    Great prize, love Frizz Ease, thanks for the chance to win this x

  29. Amanda Gregory
    2016/06/08 / 12:32

    Fabulous prize. Thank you for a great competition.

  30. Sheri Darby
    2016/06/08 / 20:04

    I’d love to win this prize

  31. Helen A
    2016/06/08 / 22:14

    My candyfloss head so needs these!

  32. cjh123
    2016/06/09 / 12:50

    For Frizz it is the Bizz…works everytime and essential in the summer I find

  33. Victoria Prince
    2016/06/09 / 16:32

    These sound great, thank you for the chance!

  34. keithhunt
    2016/06/09 / 17:36

    Looks like a llovely prize for my teen.

  35. Martina Alban
    2016/06/10 / 05:35

    I love John frieda – can’t live without

  36. Lee Hardy
    2016/06/10 / 13:32

    Great prize giveaway, keep them coming.

  37. Kim Styles
    2016/06/10 / 18:25

    John Frieda is great – quality, dependable products

  38. Hayley West
    2016/06/10 / 18:41

    I haven’t tried these before, I need to because my hair is awful!

  39. Natalie Crossan
    2016/06/10 / 20:12

    I love John Freida products :)

  40. Patricia Avery
    2016/06/10 / 21:17

    I’d love some TLC for my hair :)

  41. Kat Glynn
    2016/06/10 / 21:48

    That would be a lovely treat for my hair thanks! x

  42. alexa.a
    2016/06/13 / 09:36

    Very nice post!

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