Katherine Daniels Cosmetics Review

Katherine Daniels Cosmetics ReviewKatherine Daniels Cosmetics Sensitive SkinKatherine Daniels is a new British brand and offers a new concept to facial treatments. In a way to simplify and break down your regime the two skin care experts have created colour coded packs –

  • Step 1, blue – Skin Essentials
  • Step 2, pink – Skin Boost
  • Step 3, green – Skin Defense
  • Step 4, yellow – Skin Treat

These guides give you a step by step guide to a home skin care routine. The products I’ve tried have been absolutely beautiful, they work very well, use luxury ingredients and are packaged in a way to keep them fresh by using airless tubes and pump top packaging. Their products are result driven treatments and you find their products used in Salons.

My favorite item is the Concentrate for dry skin; in both the morning and night I use 2 pumps of the Skin boost and massage it into my face and neck. It is a very gentle product but protects against anti-aging and makes you skin feel plumper and more hydrated. It is a light moisturiser, not leaving me oily, greasy or shiny and smells amazing.

Have you tried out the new Katherine Daniels Cosmetics?



  1. Emily
    2014/02/08 / 19:51

    Haven’t tried this! But really need something for dry skin!


    • 2014/02/09 / 18:55

      Its really good for dry skin, I’ve had the worst cold and it’s made my skin so much better! x

  2. Rebekah
    2014/02/08 / 20:02

    Never heard of this but it looks great!


  3. melaniface
    2014/02/08 / 22:18

    The packaging looks really pretty :)


    • 2014/02/09 / 18:56

      It’s really elegant and classy, love it on my dressing table :) x

  4. Guide for Ladies
    2014/02/08 / 22:56

    Thanks for the review. Also, I must say, your blog is beautiful and my eyes just love staring at it!

    • 2014/02/09 / 18:56

      Aw thank you so much, my bf will be happy to hear that, hours of making him change things :P x

  5. Guide for Ladies
    2014/02/08 / 22:57

    One more thing! I adore your “follow” buttons under your profile. Did you make them yourself?

    • 2014/02/09 / 18:58

      Thank you, I love them they are so cute, I didn’t make them I just found alternative blog buttons :) x

  6. Danielle
    2014/02/09 / 08:56

    The packaging is lovely and it looks very exclusive. I like the idea of the colour coding – great for people wanting different things out of their products. I’ve only just started my own blog, so it’s great to browse others like yours for inspiration. Thanks for sharing!

    • 2014/02/09 / 18:58

      Not a problem, glad the review helped! Its a great idea for skin care regimes :) x

  7. Julia
    2014/02/09 / 14:11

    Love the look of the products. It all looks very exclusive and elegant.


    • 2014/02/09 / 18:59

      They are really nice products, thanks for commenting :) x

  8. ted
    2014/02/14 / 03:31

    I’m jealous that I can’t easily access these products! Or at least I haven’t seen them around yet. I live in the US but my boyfriend lives in the UK and when I’m there I love looking up and down the beauty aisles. I’ll have to look for this next time! :) x

    • 2014/02/17 / 17:18

      Hehe I’d love to look at US cosmetics! Maybe one day. I think it’d probably be in beauty salons rather than in shops but they may ship to the US x

  9. Bana
    2014/02/17 / 20:42

    Oh my goodness these products look beautiful. Are they only available in salons? Xx

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