Leopard print nails

Leopard print nails are really in fashion at the moment and are so easy to create! I chose to use different green shades as its my favourite colour although looking at them I think if I were to do it again I would use more contrasting colours with it like purple or silver. The pastel green is MeMeMe cosmetics shade Pensive and the darker green is Maybelline NY Colour show shade Urban Turquoise. The best item I wanted to share with you was the black pen nail polish that was used to outline. For this I used Barry M nail art pen black and it is absolutely fantastic! I’d seen pictures and thought it might draw lumpy and be difficult to use  but it draws on straight on the nail like a fine felt tip pen in nice even strokes.

leopard print nails

MeMeMe cosmetics shade Pensive

 Maybelline NY Colour show shade Urban Turquoise

 Barry M nail art pen black



    • 2013/09/27 / 09:37

      Aw thank you, glad you like the blog :D xoxo

  1. 2013/09/26 / 21:01

    These are super cute!! Personally not my thing but i love seeing it on other girls. I never met a leopard print i didn’t love ;)


    • 2013/09/27 / 09:36

      yeah I’ve never done leopard print before but really like it :D glad you like them xoxo

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