#LipGlam – Winter Lip Savour

Lips in winter can become really dry, sore and chapped and personally I really struggle with sore lips, especially if I get a cold. I’m always looking out for other products to help with this and keep them nourished, something that is a little stronger than my regular Vaseline. I was recently send a new multi-tasking lip balm called #LipGlam to try out that helps with chapped lips and keep your lips smooth.


Fortunately I haven’t had any major issues with my lips this winter season but #LipGlam can be used even if you don’t just have chapped lips. The #LipGlam lip balm is also paraben free, hypoallergenic and dermatogically tested as well as having a 100% natural formula. #LipGlam uses Lanolin, a natural product that has been proven to reduce skin roughness by 40% in one hour. #LipGlam is classed as a multi-tasking lip balm as they also recommend that it can be used as a cuticle ointment, split end smoother, lipstick and mascara primer, eyebrow balm, dry skin reliever and to soothe irritation as well as for use on sore noses when you’ve got a cold.


The balm has a very thick consistency and is practically fragrance and flavour free. It has a slight yellow consistency and if it is too cold or hard you cannot get any of the product out so you need to warm up the tube by leaving it in hot water for a minute. The product claims to last for up to 8 hours and for me I wouldn’t say 8 hours but it is definitely long lasting. I was very impressed with the product, I like the lip gloss style applicator and the formula.


Overall #LipGlam worked really well for me, it wasn’t greasy or sticky but was a great winter lip balm. It isn’t necessarily what Iwould go for in warmer months as it is fairly heavy but for a nourishing, moisturising balm #LipGlam is a winter lip saviour.

Have you tried #LipGlam?

What are your winter lip saviours?



  1. Kimberly Nelms
    2015/01/20 / 20:45

    I really need a nourishing lip balm and I am always looking for a new one. I will have to check this out, the packaging is so cute.

  2. Victoria
    2021/12/16 / 22:50

    Please advise me on where I can get this product in the UK..thanks

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