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Some of you will have seen my recent instagram and yes after a long time of saving we are finally moving into our first home and I am so excited. I am really fortunate to have been able to do this and I cannot wait to share with you lots of new DIY and home décor craft posts! Let me know if there is anything you would really like to see.

In terms of buying my own house both the idea and the terminology were completely overwhelming. I also never really thought that I would be able to afford to get myself on the property ladder or save enough to do so and always assumed it would be something I would do when I was much older. Now with options like a 5% Mortgage deposit it wasn’t difficult for me to do this. If you are like me then Halifax have released some 30 second jargon buster videos, ‘Halihacks,’ that really helped me. They explain in a very clear, quick and un-patronising way the financial terminology that before just went straight over my head.

Saving tips

Saving Tips

This year I have been really saving and the best way I have done that is through my ISA. If you are wondering what an ISA is then this video explains much better than I can. The bank set mine up with no trouble and I just made sure to transfer in some wage each month into savings. Without the money in my regular account it stopped me spending and as I gained interest on any savings I put into my ISA it also encouraged me to save more. I’ve also learned a lesson that guaranteed payday loans direct lenders no credit check is no good! My sister heard she could make money from her savings and did the same getting herself an ISA set up.

I have a few other saving tips, life hacks and different methods to save but still be able to do the things I want. I have written before about secret shopping which is great especially if you enjoy eating out. I also use Quidco and Qmee which give cash back on general shopping or internet browsing. My shopping has shifted more online now as well which is great for comparing prices and searching for a few voucher codes before hitting the checkout. Apps such as Hot Deals are also great for finding online bargains and in-store deals although this may be fuelling my shopping rather than helping me save!

With a wedding coming up and a house to decorate it will definitely be another year or two of saving so let me know of any other tips, tricks or life hacks you have for saving.

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  1. 2015/01/19 / 20:32

    This is so exciting! We are currently in the process of shopping for a house too. It feel so stressful to me though, just because it’s such a huge decision :)

    • 2015/01/20 / 01:18

      It is but we looked round so many houses and never thought we’d decide but just knew this was the one for us the second we walked in the door :) good look with your house shopping! xx

    • Connie
      2015/01/21 / 01:48

      I’m on the same boat in terms of house shopping. It’s been pretty stressful for me, too, but more because my husband is absolutely picky.

      Connie | Sponsored by Coffee

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